Color Me Happy and Pass the Almond Joy

I’m at that age where most stuff that I consumed in my younger days will now either kill me, make me fat, increase my cholesterol, or give me gas. Eating is no longer the pleasure it once was. I eat now because I have to, to stay alive, not because I necessarily enjoy what it is I have to eat. The good stuff has long disappeared from my diet except for the occasional binge, for which I pay dearly. Until today, that is.

Chocolate, dark, rich, creamy chocolate is back in my diet and soon to be in my mouth, thanks to a study recently presented to the American College of Cardiology Scientific, which met in New Orleans, last week.

According to the study, dark chocolate significantly increases blood flow function. The study was conducted by one Dr. Valentine Yanchou Nijike of the Yale Research Prevention Center.
During a six week study, 45 people were given cocoa without sugar, cocoa with sugar, or a placebo every day of the study.

Doctors then used ultrasound to measure the upper arm’s artery’s ability to relax and expand to accommodate increased blood flow.

The folks who got the dark chocolate showed a major increase in blood flow. Even those who got the sugared cocoa showed a significant increase. Those who got the placebo showed no increase.

Researchers said the study, while very promising, is not meant to be taken as a sign to binge on chocolate. Further studies are required say the researchers.

Okay. I’ll still take my meds, but I’m no longer passing up the Hershey bars, snickers, milky ways, or baby ruth bars. I need them to make my blood flow better.
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