Sunday Morning Tidbits

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, so not much else is going on in my brain this day. I’m a Bears fan who plans on attending a Colts party this afternoon, should be interesting.

I predict: Bears 24-17 over Peyton Manning’s Colts...and I like the Colts, actually. Just not today.


Did you know that 87% of respondents to an MSNBC poll say Dubya should be impeached? More than 418,856 people responded to the poll.

As I’ve said before, ITMFA!


Poor Mary Cheney. She’s written an article defending her right to have a baby with wife Heather and she wants us to leave her alone, because her baby is not a political tool for either the right or the left in this country.

Mary can’t help it...she is the neocons’ version of Paris Hilton......Mary and Paris have a lot in common...They apparently think their blondness, their richness, their whiteness, their name allows them to do anything they want without criticism, repudiation, or justification.


Did you know that Congress passed a bill in 2005 mandating that everyone have a national driver’s license by 2008? It’s called REAL ID and is supposed to combat terrorism and keep illegals from faking identification in order to stay in this country. After 2008 all state motor vehicles departments will be linked, so information can be called up anywhere. In 2008, if you don’t have a REAL ID, you won’t be able to board a plane or open a bank account...It’s the law folks....unless Congress acts...


Global Warming....”we has seen the enemy and it is us”....according to a report issued this past week by some expert scientists.


Hillary wants to nationalize Exxon Oil’s record breaking profits from last year....Love me some Hillary, but that’s a bit too socialistic for me....Despite the inequities of capitalism...I’m still
more afraid of big government/ big brother in my life....

Now...can we get back to this war thing? When is Congress going to pull the plug on this? There is precedent for it, why all the foot dragging?

Even Ronald Reagan changed his mind and did a military about face...remember Lebanon?


Daylight savings time comes three weeks early this year....on March 11th...It will end one week later on November 1st......Congress made it so, a couple of years ago....supposed to save us money on gas, light bulbs, since we will be outside in the daylight, and give the kids more time to collect candy on Halloween.....

Critics (where were they when this thing was just proposed legislation) liken this to a mini Y2K. All kinds of computers and schedules may be interrupted and confused by the new law. Check your computer....you may have to manually set yours to daylight savings time this year, depending on how old your ‘puter is.


Why is anyone paying attention to Joe Biden? His bid for the presidency was dead on arrival when he declared. Does anyone outside his state or us political junkies even know who this dude is...or cares what he says?

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