John Kasich Saves Spider Monkeys, Gives Ohio Women the Finger

 Kasich Proves Rick Perry to be only the second dumbest Governor in the United States of America.

Good ole John Kasich. Says he is doing good for Ohio. He thinks we've forgotten how he tried to trash the casino deal and then used it as a cash cow for some of his out of town cronies.

He thinks we've forgotten how he gave his boys and not his girls raises before they did a lick of work, while cutting salaries and budgets for all other workers, union workers, teachers, etc in the state. He thinks we've forgotten his attempts to enshrine right to work into our constitution.

He thinks we've forgotten how he tried to sell off the entire prison system to another of his personal friends for fun and profit, or that he also tried to sell off the Ohio turnpike to the Chinese.

Kasich had a chance to redeem himself somewhat this weekend. All he had to do was to use his line item veto to kick some really, really bad amendments out of the budget bill.

But no. Instead he signed into law some of the most vicious laws against women in the country, right along with Texas. You can read it here

Kasich had a chance to see what happened down in Texas with the women before he put pen to paper. He was given a preview of what is to come if he sanctioned this republican bigotry against women.

Well, John boy proved that he is the slow learner that we've always known him to be. Despite Texas, he left em in the bill. All of em.

So what does Ohio have today courtesy of John Kasich and the beyond clueless republicans of the state legislature;

Ohio now defines life as beginning at ejaculation...they say at conception...but before a fertilized egg implants in the wall of the uterus...that's ejaculation, folks...when sperm meets egg...as of today...have sex....you're a daddy....or a mommy...

No word on whether masturbation will get you locked up since masturbation results in spilling of the royal sperm. Also no word on whether your period can get you charged with manslaughter since that is the dumping of a viable egg, a possible fetus.

If a woman does get pregnant unintentionally or via rape or incest...she must be vaginally probed by a doctor prior to receiving an abortion. The doctor is required to look for a fetal heartbeat and to tell the woman if he finds one.

The measure defunds planned parenthood to the tune of $1.4 million, so that if you do get pregnant or need simple preventive health care, such as birth control, you can't get it. Kasich did allow the funding of the fake ass clinics that lie to women about their healthcare and preventive possibilities staffed by right winged zealots more interested in collecting zygotes than saving or helping women.

Good ole John is not totally heartless. He saved the spider monkeys, exempting them from the tough new wildlife laws that soon take effect. Said John, penalizing spider monkeys is a step backward in time..

Obviously monkeys occupy a higher branch on the evolution tree than do women. At least according to our governor.

Welcome to the dark ages. Women not wanted unless you're of child bearing years, married to a man and up under him whenever he orders her to assume the position.

And by the way...he gave rich people a tax cut while raising taxes on the poor and middle class...you know..where the women and children are...

Way to go, John...

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