Kasich Expands War on Women

You know, Ohio teabaggers must think we the people are dumb as a litter box full of cat shit.

They obviously think that we don't know how to read...that we cannot comprehend what we read, or that we cannot discern political bullshit and mendacity when they throw it at us.

Kasich's boys have done it again...this time they are making no secret of their utter lack of regard for the women of Ohio.

The misogynistic SOBs of the pro life, right wing GOP have stooped to yet another low in Ohio, by secreting an amendment inside the biennial budget bill that would defund Planned Parenthood.

But they aren't calling it “DEFUNDING,” They say it is an amendment that merely CHANGES the line up as to who and when gets federal funds first. Planned Parenthood has been moved to the bottom of the list by this amendment.

And the geniuses think that will keep the defunding move within constitutional limits. And furthermore that we won't notice their underhanded slight of hand magic tricks if they don't refer to their move as DEFUNDING.

Guess we weren't supposed to notice that the measure was also modeled after the one down in Texas...

You know the one that shutdown all healthcare for poor women of the Lone Star State.

Texas had to shut down the clinics because they lost millions of dollars in federal money that would have been used for preventive care for poor and middle class women. And, so far, they don't have enough state funds to replace the lost federal money to keep the clinics open.

Kasich and company have put Ohio in the same stupid ass position.

Thanks to the pending amendment, here in Ohio, the Buckeye State stands to lose more than $9.8 million in federal funds that are earmarked to help women get preventive health care and family planning services, and you know we don't have the local money either.

In addition, the Ohio amendment eliminates funding for the Violence Against Women Act, the Breast and Cervical Cancer Mortality Act, the Infertility Prevention Project, the Minority AIDS/HIV Initiative Program.

Nothing will be funded that smacks of help or family planning services for women..

Face it...we are just shit out of luck. Guess we could do what one of the compassionately conservative lawmaking assholes said on the statehouse floor today....”don't like it catch a bus...”

Um Hmmmm..

Make no mistake about it this bill is strictly and completely about the pro birth movement. It's sole intent is to stop legal abortion, preventing women from having choice.

House Bill 487 says and I quote:

The department of health shall ensure that all funds it receives through the Violence Against Women Act to distribute as grants for the purpose of education and prevention of violence against women are not used to do any of the following:
(1) Perform elective abortions;
(2) Promote elective abortions;
(3) Contract with any entity that performs or promotes elective abortions;
(4) Become or continue to be an affiliate of any entity that performs or promotes elective abortions.”
The Kasich's boys don't give a damn who dies from cancer or AIDS. They don't care who is denied contraception or birth control and is forced into an accidental pregnancy by rape, incest of other means.
Even if there is no pregnancy, there is the threat of an STD from unprotected sex. What do you do if you neighbor rapes your little girl and she develops gonorrhea or some such disease.
The women serviced by Planned Parenthood....nearly 80% of them, in fact, fall 150% below the federal poverty level.

Some 60% of all Planned Parenthood services have absolutely nothing to do with family planning....It's just basic preventive health care for women.

If you feel like calling the fool who sponsored this amendment...his name is Ron Amstutz....his number is (614) 466-1474 …

Put this MoFo on blast...Let him know he ain't even cute with this BS.

While you're at it call John boy Kasich too.....who, btw, pays his male employees 56% more than he pays his girls...his number is (614) 466-3555

Um hmmm...no war on women....my ass!


Like Hell! Ann Romney Don't Speak for Me

Let's get this straight....no matter what stance her husband takes in the current war on women in America...and it does exist...Ann Romney will always come out smelling like a rose.

She will always be able to choose her path, easily, thanks to her husband. She did what American women are taught to do....marry early and marry well...she did that with Mitt.

Choice is what most women in America do not have and will not have if Ann Romney's husband gets elected president of the United States.

Thanks to Mitt, she had the choice of how many children to have. She had the choice of where to educate them. She had the choice of whether or not to utilize nannies. She had the choice of which house to raise them in. She had the choice of what and when to feed them. She has a full time staff to keep the house neat and clean for Willard and his friends.

If Ann Romney ever decided to have an abortion...we would never, ever know it. Her family medical care has been paid for by taxpayers for a lot of her married life, at least while Mitt was a governor.

If Ann Romney decided to divorce her multi millionaire husband, she would be set for the rest of her life. No financial worries ever.

My point is....that Ann Romney may have been a stay at home Mom....but it was in the lap of luxury the whole time...wrapped in choice. She didn't have to do it...be a stay at home mom,,,that is...

Most women cannot step away from their lives if and when they choose. They may marry well...choose well....but a divorce or separation from their spouse can leave them treading water below the poverty line. 

Let's not even get into accidental babies...products of rape or incest or a drunken night out with the neighborhood frat boy.

Ann's hubby wants to make it impossible for most women to family plan, control the size of their families, utilized preventive medicine to stay healthy, or get paid a living wage that equals the wage given men in the work force for the same job.

And I keep hearing about how appealing is Ann Romney. Appealing to who? Romney is the fulfillment of the Sarah Palin legacy...Pretty by GOP standards...but pretty much DOA for the rest of us.

Hillary Rosen had nothing to apologize for....let's move on shall we....


Romney vs Obama

Well, it's on...

What with Pope Ricky opting to go home rather than risk defeat in his home state, and King of the World Gingrich bouncing $500 checks and the Hobbit opting to wear his elven cloak of invisibility 24/7...looks like the GOP has a winna!

Willard Mitt Romney...come on down!

All that really remains is who is going to be Romney's running mate. Several names have been put forth and a few are actually campaigning for the dubious distinction. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell comes to mind, but that would simply be boredom squared.

Can't be a woman though...already been done and badly....besides the top GOP ladies all have voted against every women's issue that has gone before Congress lately. And SC Governor Nikki can't get her facts straight when talking about her sorors and female gender issues...”No war on women” Governor please!

No guesses here. We will get the answer soon enough. I can wait.

Today simply marks the first official day of the Romney versus Obama scrum, otherwise known as the 2012 election.

Romney's inability to talk to women has been on display for weeks now. He has his wife talk for him to women, rather than talk directly to us and quite frankly, I don't like that. It's as though we women are all in that “little woman” category. You know how back in the day, when men didn't talk to women or relate to them on any level except a sexual level.

Wives were on the pedestal. Other women were on their backs. No woman was allowed to speak unless spoken to, always to be sent out of the room when they had fulfilled whatever the desire of their lord and master happened to be at the moment.

But then, he can't relate to Hispanic people, or Black people or poor people either. I mean, “Arizona should be the model for the rest of the country when it comes to immigration policy!” Really? I mean really?

If he delegates his wife to talk to the “weaker sex” who is he going to designate to talk to Black people....the chocolate version of dumb and dumber, Allen West and Herman Cain?

Tea Party likes em...but then they absolutely loved Sarah Palin, too.

We all know Marco Rubio is the HHIC...but maybe Romney will bring back Dubya or his namesake nephew, the spanish speaking one.

That's not too far fetched because Romney has already hired half of Shrub's foreign policy and economics crew to advise him.

Toss in Turdblossom and his Crossroads GPS SuperPac and you've got the George W Bush White House, version number 3.

Can end days, armageddon or the real rapture be far behind?

My head hurts just thinking about it.


Pink Slime to Stressed Out Chickens-Is Eating Meat Too Dangerous?

Right on the heels of the argument about pink slime or “finely chopped lean beef” additives in our hamburger, comes two studies today talking about the stuff in your chicken.

We already know that chicken nuggets are made from some kind of pink frothy stuff that looks more like soft serve ice cream than chicken. Now comes word that Big Agra is pumping the birds it sells for consumption with drugs.

Specifically, arsenic, benadryl, Tylenol, caffeine, prozac, and cipro (antibiotic) are being fed to the birds, the ones that we eat.


Well, the arsenic makes the meat pink and more appetizing to the eye, according to the industrial farmers. Benadryl, Tylenol and Prozac, according to the study published by Environmental Science and Technology, are used to calm chicken nerves. This is because stressed out birds make for tough meat and consumers don't like tough meat.

So the Big Agra solution is to dope the birds.

The caffeine, along with green tea powder is reportedly used to keep the birds awake so they will eat more.

But the antibiotics are flat out illegal. Scientists who did the study speculate that this is why virus' are becoming immune to antibiotics...In other words humans are building up deadly tolerances to the meds that might otherwise cure them, due to these illegal drugs in the food.

The scientists who did the studies found out about the illegal stuff by testing chicken feathers, because feathers like fingernails are a repository for what the body has ingested.

And in all fairness most of the doped up birds seem to be coming from China, which means you need to check the chicken package before you put it in your cart.

I found this out when buying fish from Kroger (yeah, I'm naming names). Most of Kroger's bulk fish, (tilapia, cod, salmon) comes from China. It's labeled, so it's not illegal.

Ya need to check your veggies too, found some broccoli from China, as well. I generally buy the big frozen bags. However I make sure they say grown in the USA.

As for this chicken...I switched to Amish chicken, when I do buy it, and the only time I buy ground beef is to mix into my dog's dry food. I have come to accept that fact that while I try to be a vegetarian, but it only lasts for a couple of weeks at a time. Then I want some meat. I do without meat five of seven days per week, every week.

It has come to the point when I do crave, I cook it myself and buy local, organic or Amish. No processed foods, or fast food.

You can keep Big Agra....I'm not gonna let my food kill me...