ObamaJobs, DOA

President Obama is giving a jobs speech tonight. It may be the best speech he's ever written. Hell, it may be the best piece of legislation that he and his administration have ever crafted.

However, always the Pollyanna,  it still seems as if Obama is banking once again on Congress to grow brains, find their hearts or turn patriotic in order to get help to the American people.

Ain't gonna happen. Bipartisanship died as soon as the GOP laid eyes on Barack H. Obama.  So, suck it up Americans, the GOP is once again raising it's foot and is about to firmly plant it in our collective ass!

The teabag GOP has only one goal...one aim...one working method...and that is to kill anyone nominated by Obama...trash any measure presented by Obama,,,denigrate and disrespect the President every chance they get. It's like Miz Mitch McConnell said at the beginning of the year...the only goal is  to defeat Obama and take back "their" country, nothing else matters to this Congress.

Their sole intent is to knock him on his "elitist" ass and put the "boy" back in his place.

They don't care about "we" the people...they have already stated over and over again their intention to re-draw the American Constitution in their own perverted image. These godless, alleged christians want to imprison women,  re-enslave Blacks, "cure" the gay,  and expatriate Hispanics..unless they come directly from Spain.

What about senior citizens?  Well they want old people to just die, since Social Security is nothing more than a ponzi scheme designed to take money away from the young....Seniors die and there is more money for the godless spawn that they're raising to take over.

Ricki P wants to kill social security, not just reform it. He wants to do away with health care. He wants to repeal all taxes and regulations that apply to rich people and corporations. He thinks gays and lesbians suffer from a mental disease. Maybe he should select Mr Michele Bachmann as his running mate.

Mitt Max Headroom wants to repeal taxes for the rich, kill health care for millions, and change social security and medicare.

Michele B...well...she's a woman who gives a damn what or even if she thinks at all...Once the tall dark and handsome good haired governor from Texas jumped into the race...she became another clueless footnote along with the pizza man, the doctor, the lizard, and the snowbilly.

Their collective jobs plans are non existent, period, while the President's plan reportedly is crafted from old proposals that were previously put forth by the GOP or at least had bi partisan support in their first readings in Congress. But the speech has yet to be given and already teabaggers are claiming amnesia on past acts and bragging about their intent to stay away from the speech.

I have this image in my head.....all the little brained, tiny teabaggers standing outside the chamber with their fingers jammed firmly in their oversized ears, potbellies jiggling in unison, dancing all over the beat, singing "lalalalalalalala" at the top of their voices, in order to drown out the President. Like three year olds throwing temper tantrums...they refuse to listen...total disrepect for the leader of the free world.

Don cha know...taking potshots at Obama is the only game in town in this election season.

Bipartisan action-yeah, when pigs fly! If it's not a go-big, new deal type jobs stimulating program...it ain't gonna work because it ain' gonna pass Congress.

Jobs Bill DOA

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