It's Jobs, Stupid...Not the Deficit!

Zero job growth for August....9.1% unemployment....26% unemployment, if you're Black or Hispanic....If you live in Ohio then you've seen wages decrease dramatically. Back in 2000, the average wage for Buckeye workers was $16.02. That was at or above the national average.

Today, in 2011 the average Buckeye worker wage is $15.00 an hour and dropping, while the national average is $16.00. For those with jobs, work hours have increased, while wages have fallen and benefits and retirement have disappeared.

Corporations continue to make mass profit,  still refusing to "trickle" it down to the people who need it most.  Who knew that the allegedly big-balled corporate bigwigs were such timid  and spineless shit heads as to sit on the money, ready, willing and able to  let America slide into the abyss?

Let's be perfectly honest...reducing spending,  cancelling regulations on big business, while keeping taxes low...hasn't done a damn thing to get this economy working again. Spending didn't get us in this deep doodoo, but big banks, Wall Street corruption, deregulation and tax cuts did.

If anything, the stimulus wasn't big enough.

Face it...we've had a republican system in place for nearly two decades and what have we got to show for it? The corporations have what they want, and beaucoup bucks to go with it. They have the system for which they have been whining. The GOP is controlling the conversation, lying to the public about any progress being made, painting Obama as an ineffectual and failed leader, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Obama is in a box without a lid. He is so  determined to work bipartisanship that he has practically given away the store. He has moved right, sometimes turning his back on his own base in an effort to bring the GOP to the table. All this while being backstabbed by those traitors called blue dog democrats. Case in point last Friday's reversal on environmental regulations, acquiesing once again to the GOP, while the blue dogs silently cheered and once again swore allegience to the Republican Party.

America is caught in a vicious cycle. Capitalism needs people to spend money in order to work, because fully 70% of American economics is based on consumer spending. People need jobs to make money in order to successfully power the system.  It's like Dubya said a few years ago, "ya'll need to go out and buy something."  But we can't because we ain't makin' no money. The corporations are sitting on it refusing to hire, or shipping the profit overseas to tax shelter havens in Europe.

The USA is becoming a third world country of minimum wage and part time workers while  the ball-less wonders of Wall Street are laughing all the way to Lichtenstein.

Back in January, prior to the Teabag takeover, President Obama had the country moving in the right direction. Jobs were being created. Unemployment had actually started to drop. But then the the states got rocked  by the teabag manufactured deficit hysteria.

Deficit hysteria has been created completely out of hole cloth. It is simply another made up problem to cock block this President. Then, it trickled down to the state level.

Incoming teabag conservatives forced through a number of useless cuts to the budgets. Rather than stimulating job creation, these clueless fools are  forcing the layoff of some 50,000 workers per state, per month, according to the Office of Management and Budget, with no end in sight. It's no wonder the unemployment rate stays stagnant.

The dismantling of the New Deal is in full swing, with poor people, old people and the unemployed becoming the sacrificial lambs for the worshippers at the alter of noncompassionate conservatism.

Can't blame Obama, but you can blame those who turned their back on the President, refusing to vote or casting votes for the Teabags in the last election.

"We has seen the enemy, and it is us!"

 We cannot afford to stay home in 2012. There is no riding out this storm. Not this time.

The president is going to talk about jobs next week. He needs to go big with a plan that bypasses Congress or he may as well go home.

Hell...he probably will if things don't turn around soon and sadly, it won't be his fault.

We need to take our country back, Americans and soon. Very soon.
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