Boehner's Monster

Well, looks like the monster lovingly called Teabag has broken his chains and escaped, and Speaker of the House, John Boehner can no more control his right wing creation than the fabled Dr. Frankenstein could control his.

Neither monster, Boehner's nor Frankenstein's is really human....has no human tendencies or compulsions or understanding or any emotion with the exception of pain. They may look human...have the requisite number of fingers, toes, heads, legs and arms...but that doesn't make them human.

Some philosopher once said that you lose your humanity...if you ever had it in the first place...when you stop caring about others...Boehner's monster crossed that line a long time ago.

The Frankenstein monster didn't really want to hurt anyone. He killed accidentally when attacked by the fearful villagers, who were scared of what they didn't understand. Frankenstein's monster didn't try to destroy his surroundings. He tried or wanted to live peacefully within his surroundings, in harmony.

Boehner's monster, however, is a different story. It is mean, vindictive, possessive of all it surveys, selfish and unempathetic toward anyone who does not resemble them. Boehner's monster is intent on destroying anyone or anything that prevents it from having its way. Boehner's monster bears a closer resemblence to Ripley's Alien or Arnold's Terminator.

"It doesn't eat...it doesn't sleep....it won't stop...ever...until you are dead!"

Boehner's Speakership is on the line because he can't control his monster, which isn't all that big, yet. But he needs some help from the gazillionaires who financed his experiments in the first place. Cutting off the money is the same as cutting off the head. The Teabag monster will follow the duckets right over the cliff, if they act quickly enough. Boehner may have to sacrifice himself. But it's looking like any action taken will be too late for all of us.


Another Attack Ad in Ohio

Ohioans are currently being subjected to yet another vanilla faced attack ad created by some rich guy with too much money and time on his hands. This one comes from Crossroads, GPS and is aimed at Senator Sherrod Brown and President Barack Obama. It claims Brown has voted for trillions of dollars in tax increases that will drive up the deficit.

Really?  I wasn't aware that our taxes have gone up. In fact, taxes under Obama have gone down if I'm reading the statistics correctly.

Can't attack Sherrod on health care. He voted to help the people keep their kids insured and enable those with pre existing conditions to finally get coverage. All this while forgoing government health care himself.

Brown in fact, is the only member of Congress who does not take congressional health care...never has...says he won't until health care is available for all the people.

And since the government is in such dire straits....why aren't more congressmen and women giving back their health care benefits, retirement and salaries.

They're gonna get paid regardless of whether the Country tanks on August 2nd or not. Congressional salaries are considered to be emergency funds that must be funded, empty treasury or not....check it out!


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