John Boehner, The Gutless Wonder

Well, it's official. We now know that John Boehner has shit for brains. Still playing Polyanna, President Obama threw Speaker Boehner a lifeline, and the fool stepped up to the plate and callusly threw it back.  Again and again, Obama reached out and attempted to pull Boehner into the light. But it didn't work. A smart leader could have used Obama's words to lead the teabaggers to clarity as well as an understanding about what they are doing to America.  It could have been a teaching moment and a reality check by the GOP to the Teabags. Instead it was more posturing on the part of the Speaker of the House, who somehow views himself as co-president to Barack Obama.

 Boehner's  response to the President could have been written three years ago. Based on the same talking points, lies, myths and innuendoes that the GOP/teabaggers have been pounding him with since his election in 2008. He didn't bother to listen to what Obama said. He refused to see the olive branch imbedded inside the speech. He ignored the bipartisan plea housed inside the rhetoric.

Boehner simply followed orders from his puppeteers and said "no." Strawman..no brain...no heart.  John Boehner is no leader. He is no patriot. He doesn't give a damn about the American people. But he sho love him some tea, apparently.

For the first time since the last election, Obama verbally bitch slapped the teabaggers, attempting to jar them awake to see the dangerous precipice upon which they stand. He put the blame where it rightfully belongs smack on the teabaggers in both houses. Obama said the American people may have voted for a divided government...but they sure as hell didn't vote for a dysfunctional one. Obama implied they are either totally stupid or totally insane to think they can play chicken with the world financial industry and that America, in its weakened state will still survive.  Obama all but told them it was time to grow up and to realize that a sustained temper tantrum is no way to govern, but it is a way to destroy the USA, no jihad terrorist needed.

Further cuts without increasing the revenue base via taxes on the wealthy will only add to the deficit, not reduce it. The social safety net that protects the poor and the now destroyed middleclass, will be gone. What little progress that has been made over the past couple of years in putting people back to work will cease and probably reverse. The stock market will probably tank. Interest rates will go up. More people will lose their 401k funds..that is if they still have them in the first place.

Signs of the impending meltdown can already be seen with the most recent report issued by the US Census. Minorities have never really been allowed to take part in  the good times in America and this recovery/recession is no different. The recovery reversal has stripped away what little financial progress Blacks and Hispanics have made, with the net worth tanking close to zero these days. Whites collectively have a net worth north of 100,000-dollars per household,  while minority net worth is between 5 and 6 thousand dollars per household. The rule remains "last hired...first fired." The insidious grasp of institutionalized racism prevails, unchecked, even during the reign of America's first Black president.

It is time for  some people in this country to admit that institutionalized racism exists and that the war on Iraq was absolutely the wrong move, coming on the heels of the deregulation frenzy of the financial system by the  Clinton and Bush administrations. And it isn't the healthcare act that is so destablizing to the economy...it's the big pharma drug payoff that Dubya and the GOP passed in 2007.  Obama's health care law has not yet taken full effect, and won't until 2014. Nor can the stimulus be laid at the feet of Barack Obama, either. It was implemented by Obama, but passed by Bush and company. John Boehner was in Congress and on board for all of this spending being done by his party. He gleefully helped dump it on the desk of the incoming president, Barack Obama. Now he is apparently attempting to smother him with it.

And yes, I am going to play it again and again and again until it sinks in....no white president would have to deal with this type of disrespectful surliness....ever.....EV-VER! Ronald Reagan increased the debt ceiling 17 times and never once met the kind of opposition Obama gets just for saying "good morning."

Feel like I'm caught up in an abusive marriage, where the husband has decided..."if I can't have you...no one else will!" So the wife and kids all have to die...just so he can make his point one last time. Get ready for the late, great America!

Gutless son of a bitch!

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