Bigoted Scare Tactics from the Right

Have you seen this commercial? It's been running on Cincinnati stations for several days now.  It's paid for by a group calling itself Citizens Against Government Waste, which self promotes as a private, non partisan, non profit organization, claiming to have more than a million members nationwide.

According to its mission statement CAGW seeks to eliminate waste, inefficiency and mismanagement in the federal government. Well, if that is  the case, then why create a commercial using bigoted stereotypes that pushes every racist button  within white middle America?

Fear tactics....scare the hell out of white people in order to keep America from moving forward into a more diverse and equal future.

CAGW was founded in 1984 by one J. Peter Grace, the Koch brother of his time, and syndicated columnist Jack Anderson. Both have now passed onto that all white heaven in the sky leaving their organization in the hands of paler and younger minions to carry on their xenophobic. message.

The late Jack Anderson was an interesting person. He won a Pulitzer for exposing President Nixon's favoritism toward Pakistan during the war with India. He uncovered Iran Contra, for which Reagan should have been jailed, but wasn't. G. Gordon Liddy, one of the Watergate schemers also tried to have Anderson killed. J. Edgar Hoover didn't like him either and regularly tried to make Anderson's life miserable.

Like much of the craziness that the right keeps tossing around, the CAGW has its root firmly planted in the Reagan  presidency and the Grace Commission which was supposed to promote an end to wasteful  and needless taxation, read that cutback or end of all social programs for poor people while allowing corporations to run free and unregulated.  And just like all right wing nuts, the CAGW refuses to admit that Ronald Reagan actually raised taxes instead of cutting them. Reagan only talked about decreasing taxes and ending the deficit. He never actually did either.

CAGW claims to have saved taxpayers 1.4 trillion dollars by continuing the work of the Grace Commission along with other recommendations of its own creation. If that is the case, then why does the deficit keep growing? Why did Reagan leave office without balancing his own budgets for eight years?

CAGW failing econ 101 by continuing to promote failed Reaganomic policies otherwise known as trickle down economics.


Comitting Mass Sepuku

The land of the rising sun is sinking rapidly in the East. Today comes word of no less than three nuke meltdowns while Japanese leaders watch and wait. What the hell are they waiting for? The way it looks now, these damaged reactors are going to finish the job America started back in 1945 with the dropping of Big man and Little boy, the bombs that took out Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Trouble is if all of those reactors explode, they will take not only Japan, but much of the world, too.  Look on the bright side...we won't need electricity anymore. We'll all be living, glowing human lightning bugs with personal internal power sources.


Obama Explains

President Barack Obama goes on television tonight to explain why he sent our military to deal with Libya. Obama has referred to the situation as a humanitarian crisis that needed to be handled.In other words to keep the crazy man in power from killing his own people.

Despite skyrocketing gasoline prices, America does not use Libyan oil, so there is really no need for America to be there, according to the naysayers. Besides, they say, you didn't ask permission from Congress, meaning the real masters of the universe didn't sign off on such a big order.

It's okay that Dubya did it and his daddy did it...and...Reagan did it...and Clinton did it....But Obama, well he just doesn't have the smarts to do it...that's the problem...he needs guidance....right?

It doesn't matter what Obama does, he is going to be roundly criticized by the right. Case in point, Newt Gingrich who is doing summersaults attempting to explain his own flip flops and still not look like the blatant racist that he is. While Obama studied the matter, Newt wanted to bomb Khadafi...Yet when Obama bombed Khadafi...Newt said we shouldn't be in Libya at all.

In fact, take the last statement and substitute the names of Pawlenty, Palin, Bachmann, Boehner, Huckabee and Paul for Gingrich and you will have the complete picture.

Maybe tonight he should use the Seasame Street approach or School House Rock for those on the right and mainstream media, to make them understand that sometimes you have to help out and not make war for greedy monetary reasons. Once in a while the people count.

And as I recall, aren't we still a part of NATO....so that means that we will be there as long as NATO is there...which is why Obama can't say when we will leave permanently.

Why don't we do something really constructive and shutdown all the military bases not on American soil and bring our people home. That way we won't look like the cop on block trying to keep peace.

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