Steve Driehaus, You Just Lost My Vote!

Ohio Congressman Steve Driehaus is one of several democrats threatening to torpedo health care reform, unless the measure blocks the rights of women to get an abortion. Specifically, he says he will vote against the house health care bill, which is set for a vote tomorrow, if there are no provisions barring the use of federal funds for a woman to exercise her rights to an abortion.

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Healthcare in this country is not equal when it comes to women. We cannot exercise our rights to choose what happens to our body. We get knocked up legitimately, illegitimately or raped and it is termed a pre-existing condition and not subject to coverage.

It is time to get real...blocking funds for abortions is not going to put an end to them....Jailing women for terminating a pregnancy is not going to stop abortions...killing doctors for doing their job is not going to stop abortions..

What is going to happen is the re emergence of the black market done by hacks and anyone pretending to be a doctor...which killed or maimed women thousands of women on a yearly basis before Roe v Wade became law.

Rich women will still get their pregnancies terminated when they choose. Rich men will still be able to buy their way out of an unwanted kid with their disposable income.

The only ones who will suffer and who suffer now are women in poverty...and the babies they are forced to bring into this world....unloved..unwanted...left to fend for themselves...

while falsely pious and pompous politicians play god with the lives of the helpless and disadvantaged.

Moreover, these same pseudo christian congressman, who make the rules that govern my body and the bodies of all other women...also refuse to support birth control programs, child care programs, contraceptive programs, neonatal programs, day care and flextime programs...denying federal funds to these programs as well

Can't have it both ways Congressman Driehaus....

If you want my support banning abortion...then I need something in return...full and comprehensive contraceptive programs..real sex education in all schools for young people...included in my health care package.

Funding these programs would go a long way in preventing unwanted pregnancies in the first place. Then maybe the right to choose would no longer be needed except in cases of rape or incest...

Women need health care as much as men need their Viagra....You hearing me Mr. Congressman?

So go ahead and exercise your right to vote as you choose Mr. Driehaus, because I guarantee you that I will exercise mine at the next opportunity to reel you back in to Ohio...

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