Friday Rap

Palin in Cincinnati today....

1000 spots online and I'm not one of em. Palin is basically a tribal conversation anyway, only this time, the tribe is the Caucasian tribe..Black people, brown people never figure in anything she does or says..nor does the mainstream media or pollsters ever ask us..they always assume they know how we think..

Palin dismisses us with every condescending word that passes her lips....Play to white people and the wooly headed Blacks will quietly tag along.. Check out Roland Martin's Facebook page if you want to know what “others of us” think of Sarah Palin, her book and her bigoted form of politicking to some of the people...the normal America, as she calls them..

How long do I and those like me, have to live here before our birth certificates are authenticated, huh?


To quote one of my favorite authors....Much Ado About Nothing..

Talking about the Mammogram recommendations...What Grown ass woman allows a nameless panel of doctors to tell her what to do with her body?

It's called a recommendation for a reason...If you want a mammogram...get it...If you don't....don't get it...The choice is yours....end of discussion

And only a fool would stop doing self breast examinations....check yourself and feel good in the process...simple


All the way crazy..

As I write, there is this fool on television telling us not to wash the turkey before we cook it..because to do so contaminates the rest of the kitchen....HUH?

Again...Grown ass women are going to do whatever the hell they want to do...I wash my bird and will continue to do...and...surprise... I always clean my kitchen on a daily basis...as well as during my cooking...cleaning as I go along leaves less mess at the end to deal with.


Oprah's moving her talk show to her OPN network in 2011 and the MSM is hyperventilating already...asking what are folks going to do when Oprah leaves syndication..? OMG!

They're going to change the channel and find her..that's what they've going to do...Or maybe...just maybe they will find something else to do at 4pm (time she's on here)


Barack in China

First Obama bowed to the Japanese Emperor... didn't hold hands with him like GW and his Saudi Sheik....then he went to China and found out the Chinese don't like Black people either..

Why are we surprised when the biggest export out of America and Europe has always been so called white superiority and privilege..

Dark people all over the world have spent lifetimes emulating the white rich and famous....Sammy Sosa is not an anomaly... he is the reality in much of the world...

We considered Michael a freak...but all he did was show the rest of the world how to do it...

Big cosmetic firms market all kinds of fade creams world wide because being light is being right...In Africa...In India...All over Asia....everywhere....Brown and Black people are told they are worthless unless they lighten their skin....and it's been going on forever..

They market their creams on television with dark skinned women singing the praises of being light and landing the man of their dreams or their job of choice..becoming a big time movie star..

From American slavery and the genocide committed against Native Americans.....to Brit, Spanish and Portuguese colonialism worldwide (underlying cause of the current problems in Rwanda)..

Around the world....light, bright and damn near white is the rule of thumb..

And what's that community secret......Nadinola?....Ambi?.....you know where of I speak...


Note to the Black Community so called civil rights organizations....Obesity kills more Blacks than that other problem I've been ranting about...you know the one you keep ignoring....HIV/AIDS?

I will say it again...isn't it time for the Black community to come to grips with what is killing us...

Black on Black crime.....

Black men refusing to go to school or take responsibility for the kids they help make....

Refusal to recognize the Black LGBT community...

HIV/AIDS killing straight Black women....

now add Obesity to the list.

We are dying...Isn't it time to stop tilting at windmills and tackle some real problems?

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