The Mayan Calendar and the Next to Last Pope

By now, everyone has heard about the Mayan calendar and how it predicts the end of the world coming on December 21, 2012. By that reckoning we have about 1132 days left on this planet before it comes apart.

Honestly, I can't wrap my head around the world ending suddenly...just like I can't imagine committing suicide, simply because there is no reason that I would deprive this world of me... Ya'll don't deserve that..

I can' t really conceive that one morning I'm gonna wake up and by noon the earth is going to be torn apart, taking all of humanity with it....

Until I'm dodging asteroids or fissures in the earth, I'm not going to believe it.

It's one of those things that will happen, when it happens...but not yet...I don't plan on worrying about it until it happens..

Besides, the Mayan calendar doesn't say the world is going to end...It just ends...possibly on December 21st or maybe December 23rd...The so called experts of interpretation are hedging on the real date, because really.....no one can speak Mayan these days...

Man, that would be the ultimate Punk'd...everyone prepares for the world to end on December 21st....doesn't happen...everybody relaxes...BAM!...December 23rd rolls around and all hell breaks loose....They don't know..

They just know that the calendar ends...so maybe the next part of the calendar broke off, since it's on a stone tablet anyway..maybe the world ends because some clutzy houseboy dropped it and broke it, earning himself one last trip to the arena where the Mayans entertained themselves by killing their slaves and enemies in games of death.

Maybe it ends in December, 2012, because the Shaman calendar-maker died without training an apprentice to carry on.

We will never know because the Mayans disappeared....wiped out completely one day...never to be seen or heard from again....Oh, we don't know if it was a gradual wipeout or a sudden one..

They're gone.. And they've been gone for a long time....That's the real mystery. So what happened to them?

There are so many end of times signs and predictions...Ya'll better hope the Pope lives an extra long time and he's already really old, now.

What am I talking about...well...

St. Malachy's prophecy is winding down, too. The Last Popes prophecy is attributed to St. Malachy back in 1590...however some think it was actually Nostradamous behind this..”No” reportedly passed this one off on Malachy because he didn't want to be blamed for bringing down the Catholic Church..


This one says there will be 112 Popes and then The Holy See (Catholic Church) will end. It reads like it's talking about Rome and the Catholic Church and not the rest of us, primarily because the rest of us didn't exist. In 1590 there wasn't much to the world at that time.

It was still flat according to most, despite Chris Columbus and the other explorers.
My point is that according to St Malachy, the world is presently seeing it's 111th Pope, Benedict who will reign through the ultimate persecution of the Holy Church.

Benedict will then be followed by the last Pope, referred to as Peter the Roman, who will nourish the sheep through many tribulations, and when he's done, the City of Seven Hills will be destroyed and the fearsome Judge will Judge his people. The End.

So who are you going to believe....The Mayans or St Malachy/Nostradamous?

Me.....it's Sunday....I'm going to ease into CBS Sunday Morning....Do a little more writing...and wait for the Bengals-Steelers Game today..

Because in my mind....If the Bengals go into Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers today..

It will be the end of the world...

UPDATE-Bengals go into Pittsburgh and beat Steelers...15-12...didn't give up a touchdown! think I will leave prognostication to other people...I need to go buy a helmet in case the sky starts falling....
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