A Use For the Patriot Act

Make no mistake about it, I consider the USA Patriot Act, pushed through Congress by Bush&Co, into law just 34 days after 9/11, to be very bad law.

It should not be on the books, if America is to remain the Republic and bastion of personal freedoms that we delude ourselves into thinking that it is.

However, since it is on the books and the Obama Administration is so far comfortable in leaving it there intact, then I think it should be put to use post haste.

The Patriot Act can legally be used to go after domestic terrorists such as the guy who killed Dr. George Tiller, yesterday while he was at church.

Those of us old enough to remember, recall the days when the so called pro life movement regularly used this kind of activity to scare doctors and medical providers away from rendering legal medical help to women, and also to scare women into hiding, fearful of the crazed masses of pro-birth fanatics camped outside clinics.

Yesterday’s killing was merely the first salvo.

The killings always follow after movement leaders or talking heads take to the airwaves stirring up the base to take action to save the babies..no matter who else dies in the process.

Title VIII of the Patriot Act redefines the term "domestic terrorism" to include assassination or kidnaping as terrorist activity in addition to mass murder and destruction. The murder of Dr. Tiller was assassination, plain and simple.

The definition also takes in activities that are "dangerous to human life, that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or any State.....that are intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population.... or influence the policy of a government..

The Patriot Act also defines the steps that can be taken to penalize those who support the terrorist. It is a crime to harbor or to conceal a terrorist or to help them in any way.

The government can legally seize any property or bank accounts of any group or individual who gives so much as information or vocal support to terrorists. Supporters can be jailed for up to 10 years in federal prison.

Remember how pro birth radical Eric Rudolph was found practically hiding in plain sight for several years. Many people in the area helped him elude authorities. Rudolph bombed the Atlanta Summer Olympics killing five people...he confessed to bombing women's clinics, and gay clubs.

He had help doing what he did...those helpers have not even been arrested, or prosecuted.

And, inciting to riot or to do violence is not protected speech under the First Amendment to the Constitution either. The Federal Communications Commission would be within its rights to levy some heavy fines, rather than twiddling their thumbs or worrying over the ramiifications of Janet Jackson’s nipples at the Superbowl.

Ya hearin’ me.....Bill....Rush...Randall Terry...Dick....Tancredo...Newt?

Although these clowns will never take responsibility for the effect of their words. Nor will anyone in the mainstream media be bold enough to step back from the controversy and not give these men the platform they crave. After all they do serve the same master....broadcasters and newscasters all owned by the same corporations chasing the same big bucks to fuel the bottom-line.

Nobody bites the hand of the man who signs their paychecks..

These days..the guys in government...the guys on the radio and at the news desks and own the corporations...are all the same...
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