Tuesday Tumble

First is was, “is he black enough?”
Then it was, “is he too black?’
Now it’s, “well, you know, he is just as white as he is black!” That makes him biracial, according to an article on CNN.com.

I say who gives a damn. He is what defines himself to be. The one drop rule in America long ago passed into official history, but the plain fact of the matter is that it still exists as a measuring stick in America.


The New York Daily News has an article about John McCain’s first wife. The stuff in the story is not new. McCain divorced his first wife, after she became badly disfigured in a car accident. She was the one who waited for him to return from Vietnam. She says that when he came back from the war, he wanted to be 25 not 45 and ran around with a lot of other women. Yet, he divorced her. Part of the divorce settlement was that McCain take care of her medical needs for the rest of her life.

One month after he divorced his first wife, he married his second...that would be Cindy, the 100 million dollar heiress/trophy, on his arm today.

Other blondes, most notably a blonde lobbyist, reportedly sometimes has McCain’s attention these days.

Wonder if all those family values republicans are paying attention...do they want another womanizer in the white house, or is it okay because this womanizer happens to be republican..


Spike Lee and Clint Eastwood are apparently mad at each other. Lee blasted Eastwood for not putting black characters in his war movies. Eastwood claimed he was being historically accurate and that Lee should “shut his face.”

I love them both, but Spike knows that mainstream Hollywood has never been accurate when it comes to blacks. So why blast Eastwood when what he was doing is just more of S.O.S.D,D.

WHOA! Bulletin!

Recession, Depression...main stream media says today’s economy is making people sick, physically. High debt stress causes ulcers, migraines, cancer and heart disease. How about starvation and malnutrition. Okay I just added the last part. Although if you can’t pay your bills, you probably can’t buy food either.

But who is getting sick...poor people been living with stuff forever...or is it a story because rich and middle class people are feeling the crunch.

It’s long been known that poor people die quicker than rich people, maybe debt stress is the reason.


Congratulations to Ken Griffey Junior!
He hit home run number 600 and he did it without steroids. Amazing!
Class Act!

Meanwhile, Roger Clemens was apparently using Viagra to get a boost in addition to the steroids he says he didn’t take. Seems Viagra helps blood flow in other places in the body besides the third leg.
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