Freeze Frame Moment, Pass the wine, Please!


Someone said it......”the only game we can’t win...is the one we don’t play!’


Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I will go back to masquerading as a responsible adult.....

Watching history unfold in real time has got to be the ultimate high. Whether or not it’s good or bad, it’s a gas. I always remember what I was doing when that moment happens. The time just freezes forever in my mind.

Last night was one of those nights. Barack Obama, a black man, clinched the democratic nomination for president of the United States. I will always remember last night, because I never believed it would happen in my lifetime.

It remains to be seen if he will become president. Feels like he will, but you never know until the final votes are counted, and we’ve still got 22 weeks to go before that happens.

Last night, as Obama was embracing his destiny, John McCain was seeking to find his relevance. It is ironic that he chose as his slogan, a phrase that does little to define himself but does point a beacon at his opponent.

“A Leader we can believe in..” I saw that phrase and at first thought I had tuned into the wrong speech.

It’s going to take more than just reciting the buzz words...economy, health care, security, Iraq. There has to be some substance behind the words. I have problems with a man seeking the presidency who has already said he doesn’t understand the economy. McCain says the “hundred years in Iraq” was a misquote...is that true of the “I don’t understand the economy,” statement, too. And what about women's issues?

Belief is what America is clamoring for. We need heroes again. Larger than life people who don’t seem to be only in the game for themselves. People who have the ability to see between the lines and are versatile enough to create or attempt to create something for all of us.

Which brings me to Hillary Clinton. Let me be honest. She ticked me off last night. Instead of being magnanimous in defeat, she chose to be petty. She chose to play the spurned woman...”not tonight, honey, I’ve got a headache..” Please! What the hell are emails from other pissed off white women going to do?

Yes, the media mistreated her. Any woman who plays games with the old boys, in any male dominated arena, gets manhandled...verbally and physically. All women who have dared to challenge men on what they consider their turf gets abused. Doesn’t make any difference what level, blue collar, white collar..any industry. Been there, done that.Get over it. Hillary knew going in that it was going to happen.

Clinton lost the nomination because of a badly run campaign, her inability to control her husband, and the arrogance in assuming that she had the undivided support of the black community.

Last night showed me again that she was out for herself, and for Bill, giving him an unofficial third term in office. I want the good times back, too, but not with Bill. Not after the stuff coming out of his mouth the past year and a half.

The current administration has spent the past eight years scaring us into submission. I’m ready for an administration that presents us with a different message and a look into the future.

One last thing...I’ve been saving a bottle of Bordeaux , a 1955 Chateau La Fleur Pomerol, for my 60th birthday in a couple of years. But if Obama wins the White House, I will drink it in November on election night.

If you’re in town, drop by....I will be happy to share. So let the celebration begin.
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