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Wonderful WINO!

Probably my favorite radio jingle in the whole world, for the fictitious radio station W.I.N.O. The station existed in the mind of George Carlin, who played all the parts, the anchor, the sports reporter and of course Al, the hippy dippy weatherman.

Heaven’s got one funny comedy club going on up there....Nipsy, Flip, Godfrey, Richard, and now George.

Rest in peace, Mr. Carlin.


Imus in the Morning...

I heard the tape of what he said about Pacman Jones. I don’t buy his explanation. But I also don’t understand why anyone is surprised by what he said. Imus is paid to stir up shit. That’s how the station makes money off of him. Let’s move on, shall we...


Pregnancy pact.

17 girls pregnant at the same time. Is it a plot? No it’s just another example of failed government policy. The Bush administration mandates that only abstinence be taught in schools or by any agency receiving federal funds. Earlier this year, the Gloucester School doctor and nurse quit because they couldn’t give birth control pills to kids who wanted them. Face it, the kids are going to have sex whether we like it or not. Give them choices, please, or shut up about the growing number of accidental babies being born. Teaching real health might also cut down on the STD problem, too.


Focus on the Family’s James Dobson attacking Barack Obama...First the Christian right tried to paint him as Muslim, now they’re saying he’s not Christian enough. Never mind Don Imus, the James Dobsons of the world are the real dangers in America.


Tit for Tat

The UK has banned Martha Stewart, so the US turns around and refuses to grant a visa to Boy George.... A Queen for a Diva....Sounds like a fair exchange.
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