Monday Moments....

There are some movies that play on television that I never miss, no matter what. I can recite the lines of these movies, word for word in my sleep. Charlton Heston figures in two of these movies, Ben Hur and The Ten Commandments. I watch them religiously and have for as long as I’ve had a TV set. Heston also starred in two other movies that I watch over and over.....Planet of the Apes and The Omega Man. I read the Pierre Boule book before the movie came out. The Omega Man captured my attention because it also starred the late great Rosalind Cash. Besides being a Sci Fi movie it was also an interracial love story between Rosalind and Charlton. But I didn’t know there was a love scene in it until I rented the movie and watched it unedited. TV versions apparently felt that black-white love was too much for G rated TV at the time. The Omega Man was recently released as I Am Legend starring Will Smith, without the interracial love story.

More than his acting career, Heston was known as the president of the NRA. I don’t know if anyone was ever able to pry his gun from his “cold dead hands” but he stood up for what he believed and I don’t fault him for that. For those of us who can remember, Heston also stood behind Dr. Martin Luther King during the March on Washington in 1963. He was a complex man. Not just an actor. He seemed to actually be the man he played on film...honest, forthright and honorable.

Rest in Peace, Mr Heston...

Chocolate-wrapped GOP

I don’t care how you dress it up... a pig is still a pig....putting Condoleeza on the GOP presidential ticket as VP to McCain won’t make any difference. And it’s an insult to think that it will sway black people simply because of the woman’s skin color. She is still part of a failed administration that doesn’t give a damn about blacks or poor whites.

She was part of the lie that put us in Iraq. She has been all but invisible in trying to deal with that situation. Dubya has her riding herd on Palestine, no less.

The sooner we get done with anything Bush, the better off we will be, chocolate wrapped or not.
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