Madam President

One of the things that women can count on when they start working and playing in typically male arenas is that sooner or later the name calling begins. First come the behind the back snickers. The male to male allusions and presumptions, then, if those don’t work, out come the attacks on character and personality. Truth not necessary.

Sometimes the attacks go to the extreme of becoming physical, all the way to death. No woman is safe when she chooses to labor inside the male dominated arena, no matter what the arena happens to be.

I have long wondered why men feel so intimidated that they need to resort to the relentless take down of the alleged “weaker” sex. Maybe it’s a sexual/dominant thing. I don’t know.

I do know that it is ugly and it hurts when it happens.

The attacks on Hillary Clinton have been mounting for weeks now. To this point, they have been quasi political in nature. But the boys have resorted to ganging up in the debates, probably because she is stronger than they thought, with a better or more appealing agenda than they or their advisors thought possible.

Now comes a darker, more insidious attack from the boys overseas, complete with pictures. A London newspaper has resurrected the old line that Hillary is a lesbian and further, that she is having an affair with her personal assistant, who has been dubbed “hot.” Hillary has never been considered attractive by the boys who trade in these rumors. She has been dogged by this particular rumor since her college days. In fact, it surfaced when she was in the White House and centered around one of her college chums.

The attacks by the boys are tired and typical....a woman who is successful...sleeps her way to the top, meaning she is a whore, or “ho” in today’s parlance....or she is a ball breaking dyke...unattractive and humorless..The boys obviously don’t watch the L word on TV.

Even Condoleeza Rice must endure this crap. One minute she is sleeping with Dubya, the next minute she is a lesbian, apparently owning a house with another woman.

It’s all smoke screen blown up when the boys get scared that they may lose to a girl. It’s an old way of keeping women under control, they think.

The operative word here is “old.” It’s not going to work anymore. I know it’s early, but many everyday people that I’ve talked with and listened to, both male and female are not happy with the attacks on Hillary Clinton. Many say they plan to vote for her because she is the best person to get us out of this mess that the boys have gotten us unto.

But then again, that is what women do....clean up the mess...after the boys are done screwing around.

Maybe the boys need to find a real agenda and do something positive.
You listening, Obama!?


President Michelle?!

So if I understand Michelle Obama correctly, black Americans are not supporting her husband for president because we, as black Americans, have an ongoing inferiority complex and don’t really believe that a black man can win the White House. She went on to say in several exclusive interviews yesterday that black America simply needs to wake up.

Well, I want to know if Mrs. Obama is paying attention to the words coming out of her husband’s mouth? I mean, he’s got the hopeful/optimistic thing going real well, but so far he isn’t saying anything substantive enough to make me vote for him instead of Hillary Clinton. He’s expending massive amounts of energy attacking her as the front runner, as have all the other wannabes.

But so far, he isn’t coming across as anything other than Michelle’s arm candy. He’s cute, but cuteness doesn’t win elections.

Obama may be the fresh breeze we all need, but we need more than a promise floating on this new wind. We need some substance. We need him not to look so shell shocked in these debates. He said last time, he was going to “bring it.” Well, I’m still waiting.

And before you jump all over me for being an Obama hater/Hillary supporter...I do support Hillary as the one I perceive to be the stronger candidate. HOWEVER....I have written two checks to the Obama campaign to keep the brother going. Hillary doesn’t need my money. Barack does and he will get it until he loses the nomination, if that is going to happen.

But I’m not happy with his ideas. He hasn’t said anything that makes me think he can really win or change things. He keeps looking like a deer caught in headlights during these pseudo-debates. I keep watching because I want to see the brother seize the spotlight and run, all the way to the White House.

Heck, I’ve heard more presidential stuff coming out of Michelle’s mouth than I have her husband’s. Since this is the year of the talkative/take charge woman, maybe Michelle should be the candidate. Enough of this stand by your man crap. We’ve got more than enough of that in the White House now. He who shall not be named has two...his wife and Condi. (Anyone seen or heard from her lately?)

Maybe the real revolution that America needs is for women to just simply say “enough is enough” and take over. Women do outnumber men as voters in this country. Maybe that’s the voting block waiting to be unleashed.

So Mrs. Obama, stop alibiing you husband...go ahead...take the leap...declare your candidacy. The women of America are waiting to support you.


Things that Make You Go Hmmmmmmmm!

Pat endorses Rudy for the GOP nomination....why should anybody be surprised..Pat has always been more about power than religion...Rudy has always been about power and spotlight...It’s just two old guys making a grab for the ultimate brass ring....I think their hypocrisy will undo them, ultimately.


Obama says anyone over 50 is too old to seek the presidency and should step aside and let the young ones, meaning “him” do it....Used to be “don’t trust anyone over 30"...Obama was taking aim at Hillary when he said that, yesterday...That line of thinking has worked twice in the past...once for JFK and once WJC....Won’t work for Obama, though...I think women will make the difference in this election....Whoops! Did I just endorse Hillary!?

The House has passed legislation barring discrimination against the LGBT community in employment. 35 republicans joined the democrats in passing the bill which says:

.......“The House bill would make it illegal for an employer “to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise discriminate against any individual with respect to the compensation, terms, conditions or privileges of employment of the individual, because of such individual’s actual or perceived sexual orientation.”..........

The Democrats have been trying to pass this since Bella Abzug proposed it back in 1976. Watch out for Dubya's veto!

And from the world of scientists comes yet another study that says overweight people have a lower death rate than normal weight people...Well, I guess so...overweight people tend to eat rather than starve themselves trying to meet some unrealistic Hollywood ideal of beauty..Deprivation of food is just as bad as gluttony...Moderation is always the key..

A sign of end times....a Boston priest has been jailed for stalking...would you believe...talk show host Conan O’BRIEN. Father David Ajemian was arrested November 2nd and remains in jail according to a press release from the Archdiocese of Boston. The errant “father” sometimes signed his many letters to O’Brien as “your stalker priest.” and this after he’d been warned to stay away from the talk show host..

The new discrimination.....lot’s of companies in Florida are now telling their employees and potential employees that smoking off the job is banned, too. As one official put it...”if you’re too stupid to know that smoking can kill you...then you don’t need a job..”

On the job...on company grounds...I can understand...what you do in your home..on your time is your business...period..


Aw Man! Another Stupid Report!

I guess I should stop reading the news, because I keep opening up stupid stories that depress me. There is a new report out, detailing the links, actual links between eating the wrong kinds of food, which make you fat and cause you to have cancer. This isn’t new. We’ve been bombarded with this information for a very long time.

Skinny, anorexic people who don’t like food in the first place, conduct these studies to torment those of us who do like food. They keep telling us we’re going to die if we don’t stop eating. I wonder if these clowns have ever heard of starvation? Starvation happens when you don’t eat and then you die.

So what do we do? We die from cancer if we eat...We die from starvation if we don’t. Give me a break please!

I like food. I like cooking food and serving food to my friends. I like food to go with my favorite wines. I like the ambience of dinner parties. When I go to a restaurant with my friends, I don’t give a damn if my fettuccini alfredo is drowning in ten tablespoons of butter. I like butter! Actual eating at a restaurant is only secondary to what else is happening around the table.

I’m not talking about going to a sit down at some family restaurant like Golden Corral or KFC where, despite the noise level in these places, no one talks. Those places have simply replaced eating at the table at home because parents don’t have time to cook. No conversation needed. Hell, bringing a book to the table or reading the newspaper was the norm when I was growing up. Once you got past “how was school” there was no talking...just eating so that you could get to the rest of your evening.

What I’m talking about is an enjoyable night out at a good restaurant, with great wine and libation and sparkling conversation between a group of people who like each other. I’m talking about stops for dinner before or after the theater or concert. Food is not the main attraction, it is a sidedish to the evening activities. The conversation really prevents the overeating that all the skinny scientists keep yelling about, because as everyone knows, you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full, it simply isn’t polite.

What these scientists or food-o-phobics want us to do is to take a beautiful menu of suggestions and then ask the chef to make all of our choices taste like cardboard. We sit there and pick at it and finally push it aside.

I mean really, who really likes the taste of all that diet/light/calorie free crap, anyway. This study even warns us about drinking too much wine and beer or spirits.

Well, I want to tell you, if I can’t eat, I am going to drink. I may as well be drunk on my ass if I’m going to starve to death.

Care to join me?