President Michelle?!

So if I understand Michelle Obama correctly, black Americans are not supporting her husband for president because we, as black Americans, have an ongoing inferiority complex and don’t really believe that a black man can win the White House. She went on to say in several exclusive interviews yesterday that black America simply needs to wake up.

Well, I want to know if Mrs. Obama is paying attention to the words coming out of her husband’s mouth? I mean, he’s got the hopeful/optimistic thing going real well, but so far he isn’t saying anything substantive enough to make me vote for him instead of Hillary Clinton. He’s expending massive amounts of energy attacking her as the front runner, as have all the other wannabes.

But so far, he isn’t coming across as anything other than Michelle’s arm candy. He’s cute, but cuteness doesn’t win elections.

Obama may be the fresh breeze we all need, but we need more than a promise floating on this new wind. We need some substance. We need him not to look so shell shocked in these debates. He said last time, he was going to “bring it.” Well, I’m still waiting.

And before you jump all over me for being an Obama hater/Hillary supporter...I do support Hillary as the one I perceive to be the stronger candidate. HOWEVER....I have written two checks to the Obama campaign to keep the brother going. Hillary doesn’t need my money. Barack does and he will get it until he loses the nomination, if that is going to happen.

But I’m not happy with his ideas. He hasn’t said anything that makes me think he can really win or change things. He keeps looking like a deer caught in headlights during these pseudo-debates. I keep watching because I want to see the brother seize the spotlight and run, all the way to the White House.

Heck, I’ve heard more presidential stuff coming out of Michelle’s mouth than I have her husband’s. Since this is the year of the talkative/take charge woman, maybe Michelle should be the candidate. Enough of this stand by your man crap. We’ve got more than enough of that in the White House now. He who shall not be named has two...his wife and Condi. (Anyone seen or heard from her lately?)

Maybe the real revolution that America needs is for women to just simply say “enough is enough” and take over. Women do outnumber men as voters in this country. Maybe that’s the voting block waiting to be unleashed.

So Mrs. Obama, stop alibiing you husband...go ahead...take the leap...declare your candidacy. The women of America are waiting to support you.
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