Questions, Questions, Questions!

Where in the world is Condi Rice? Isn’t she the main United States diplomat in charge of making things better in the world politically between our enemies and us? Why isn’t she over in Iraq attempting to bring calm from chaos?

It was reported that she has been seeking an interview with the Pope and got turned down. He reportedly didn’t want to interrupt his vacation just to see her. We aren’t at war with the Vatican, so why visit him when there are plenty of other people in need of our attention? Who needs a new photo op? Just asking.


Did anyone besides me think that the Petraeus report was just more smoke and mirrors from the White House? Did anyone think the prez’ handpicked boy was going to knock the surge and say it’s not working?

And all that happy horsesh*t about drawing down troops....please....my nephew got shipped out to Iraq last Friday. He is a marine and I’m pissed and getting madder everyday that this quagmire continues unabated.


Alan Greenspan says the war is about oil...why the hell didn’t he say that when he was still working? Now it just looks like he is trying to sell books.


The lynching of Orenthal James Simpson is in full swing....don’t get me wrong...the man killed his ex-wife and her friend...he is a self centered, violent sociopathic egotist of the first order...so arrogant that he continues to surround himself with walking Nicole look alikes and expects everyone to bow down in his wake.....But this whole Las Vegas thing is feeling like a set up....A tape is made in the process and ends up on the internet the next day....c’mon...

I have no sympathy for this man. Justice was not served the last time he was on trial....He literally got away with two murders...white people, it seems, are divided into two camps..there are those who want their pound of flesh...and those who continue to support this walking train wreck called Juice. Black people continue to support him because he is black...that is not enough...he is a bad man...who continues to thumb his nose at the black community until he “needs” us.

If he goes to jail...I prefer to think of this as a Karma smack down...He does deserve to be locked up...but it still won’t bring Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman back...


Donovan McNabb says white quarterbacks are treated differently than black quarterbacks...did he lie? NO! He did not. Carson Palmer keeps hanging his receivers out to dry...what’s it gonna take for someone to notice....TJ or Ocho Cinco in the hospital or paralyzed from a mid air hit by a defender? If Donovan did that..he would be highly criticized and maybe even yanked from the game. Up until a few years ago black quarterbacks were routinely switched to wide receiver because it was commonly thought that we weren’t smart enough to direct things...hmmmmm!

Which reminds me of an old saying....”the only sport or position that we (blacks) can’t play is the one we haven’t tried, yet.”


Got a new Attorney General and Minister of Disinformation at the White House...more rats deserting the sinking ship! Is there a question here...no...just a comment...
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