The Rape of Trayvon Martin

One month away from the three ring circus that will be George Zimmerman's trial for the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin, the public assassination and rape of the young victim has jumped into full gear.

Zimmerman's defense attorneys have released stuff found on Martin's cell phone, pictures and texts depicting the now snuffed out life of a kid doing kid stuff, who didn't know he was gonna die. He wasn't walking around a ghetto. He was walking around his father's probably predominately white neighborhood, going to the store and back. There were no gangs, no gang-bangers. No reason for a reasonably street savvy kid to worry about his own safety. He wasn't doing anything except talking to a girl on his phone. How dangerous can that be?

The defense calls the pictures released, evidence in the pending case that shows their client Zimmerman is the victim here. The pictures show Trayvon with gold grill. They show a marijuana plant. They show Trayvon with his friends. One pic even shows a gun. Since Martin wasn't in the pic with the gun, or holding the gun, it is questionable whether the picture even came from Trayvon's phone. Even if it did, he's a kid and kids download the damned things from the internet to keep and show to their friends. Funny how stuff like this never seems to affect white kids, even after they kill 20 or 30 people. 

Zimmerman's defense team is still relying on that ages old American defense of “little white guy defending himself against attacking big black hoodie wearing ghetto kid.” This, despite telling the courts that it would not seek immunity under the “stand your ground” defense following public outcry against those bogus laws, put on the books for one reason and one reason only, and that is to allow white men with guns to shoot people because they want to, when they want to. Nobody else, not black men, not black women, not even white women have successfully been able to use the stand your ground defense and thereby evade prison. Zimmerman ran into trouble as soon as he invoked it. He lives like a white man, but was swiftly reminded of his recent immigrant roots, so can't really claim master of the universe immunity/privilege like a “real” white guy. He's a bit too brown toned for that.

Zimmerman's defense can't stand on the facts of the case because Zimmerman precipitated the incident where he killed an unarmed kid after police told him via dispatch to leave Martin alone. Zimmerman brought the gun, got into a fight and killed the youth in cold blood just feet from his father's house.

So now the only option seems to be a public rape, just like what happens to women who report sexual assaults and black men/women/youth in the USA. It's never the assailant who is tried in court. It is always the victim put on trial, raped repeatedly with questions about past acts having no bearing on the incident in question, and Trayvon Martin is no exception. A recent case in point, Charles Ramsey of Cleveland. All he did was rescue three kidnapped women held for 10 years and w-Within 24 hours every news organization was reporting on his past bad acts, as if to say he's not a good guy. He's not the hero that everybody thinks he is.  Retried in the court of public opinion until folks got mad about it.

The pictures and what they depict, don't matter. They are not evidence about the incident in question. They are being held up and waved around only to say “look, George Zimmerman killed a bad guy, would you want him in your neighborhood, talking on the phone to your daughter?” Classic fall back defense of the bigoted in America when they know they were in the wrong.

What troubles me is that more often than not, it still works in Amerikkka. It remains to be seen if the judge will actually allow them into evidence given the notoriety of the case.

Martin was a black kid walking home, doing what he was supposed to do, he was accosted by Zimmerman, an arrogant prick with a gun who got his jollies driving around his neighborhood harassing people who “didn't fit” in with his perception of who should be there.

So what if they fought. So what if Zimmerman got a bloody nose. So what...

Trayvon Martin lost his 17 year old life doing what he was supposed to do. Doing what his parents had taught him to do for a change. He was 17, not an angel. The kid was walking home when he was jumped and shot for no reason by a white man with a gun.

Playing the race card, am I? Damn right, because otherwise, we wouldn't be having this conversation. If anyone other than the little white guy police wannabe George Zimmerman had pulled the trigger on a black hoodie wearing kid named Trayvon Martin on that fateful night, they would still be in jail or already subjected to trial and convicted and awaiting sentence, at the very least.

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