Assata Shakur a Domestic Terrorist? What in Fresh Hell is This!

By definition, Domestic Terrorism is violence committed to cause chaos and death inside your own country against your own people.

It is directed haphazardly against anonymous targets for the sole purpose of causing mayhem, primarily so the perpetrators can demonstrate their displeasure with the ruling parties in control of the government, (google-Boston Marathon, Oklahoma City Bombing, 1996 Olympic bombings, '93 World Trade Center bombings, 9/11 attacks, attack on the USS Cole).

Prior to Oklahoma City in 1995, the term Domestic Terrorism didn't really exist, because it was assumed by the powers that be, that first, no one inside America was mad enough to attack America, so all terrorism came from outside the country, and secondly, the white men who were killing randomly, acting terroristically, as members of white supremacists/anti abortion groups, were not considered terrorists. Even the Weather Underground and the SDS were not labeled terrorists (google-rich white kids who blew up stuff and robbed banks in the 1960's and '70's). Not until the white guys from the Caucasus blew up the Boston Marathon, did anyone in power begrudgingly admit that white people did terrorism against the US. Until three weeks ago terrorists were brown... Muslims, primarily, or Cubans (five imprisoned now), or Puerto Ricans (Americans but brown and spanish speaking- google FALN).

So now, since everybody, including white people, has to be considered a potential terrorist, the government apparently decided to make the rewritten definition retroactive, thereby changing the label on the historical civil rights protests, and effectively calling Assata Shakur a domestic terrorist.

If Assata Shakur is a domestic terrorist, then so am I and so is every other Black person who ever marched for civil rights in America. Today's placement on the most wanted list and bounty has indicted all of us in one fell swoop, and places us in jeopardy for speaking out against our government in protest.

Assata Shakur, for all of you historically challenged, was a member of the Black Panther Party and a member of the Black Liberation Army, back in the day when the government waged war on Black people for demanding equality.

Shakur, the Panthers the BLA and every other group that fought for civil rights was targeted by a covert government agency called COINTELPRO, which infiltrated, spied on, arrested, convicted and imprisoned Blacks who disagreed with the government, it's Jim Crow policies and institutionalized racism that continues to exist today. When they couldn't take Blacks down quietly, they executed us summarily (google- Fred Hampton).

Shakur, who is the aunt of the late Tupac, was caught up in a bunch of crimes and situations that ended violently. If you believe the police, she was responsible for nearly every bank robbery and cop killing on the east coast from 1971-1973-4.

New Jersey Police official Fuentes lied through his teeth today during the news conference stating the Shakur killed a cop by shooting him twice in the head as he lay on the ground. This was proven to be a lie during her trial, yet it continues to be told by government officials and the Feds. What...don't they have the court transcripts to refer back to?

She was tried several times, and finally convicted and sentenced to life in prison. She escaped from maximum security, finally making it to Cuba in 1984 where she was granted political asylum. She remains there to this day, quietly living, writing and speaking out. The feds have always known where she was.

Yet today, they decide to name her a domestic terrorist. She's not attacking people or building bombs to cause mass destruction. Are they afraid that Black people are going to suddenly become radicalized again in the same way that some Muslims are made radical by the Osamas of the world?

Why? It's not like America has an extradition treaty with Cuba? It's not like we're on good terms with Raul Castro or his brother Fidel, now retired. It's not like Assata is going to give herself up and yearns to come home to the US.

Maybe the feds are trying to work a trade...give us Assata and we will free the Cuban five, currently doing life sentences in an American jail.

Only time will tell..

to be continued..

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