That's all this drone argument boils down to. The talk and what's happening ain't new. It's American tradition. When a black takes control of anything in this country, be it the White House, the neighborhood, city hall, the police department, the county commission, the courts, white folks, regardless of whether or not they voted for the black, are doing what they've always done...run for the hills. White flight, period. Time to stop laying it solely at the feet of bigoted conservatives.

It's not a republican thing or a democrat thing...it's a white thing. White folks, regardless of their political persuasion, believe that all black people do is destroy everything they touch, so it's best just to leave em to it and run. Only way to keep their families safe from marauding Negroes. Even the so called liberals point to Africa to justify their feelings, ignoring it's post colonial past, while not yet recognizing the new colonial Indian-Asian movement that has taken hold, stealing black sovereignty once again.

The new 21st century twist on this innate belief, is that silly American negroes, defined as those who think they've made it and fully assimilated into this “post racial” society are also joining this idjit moment. The SAN's have moved on up and out to the suburbs, all the while, not paying attention to fact that the new bastions of pristine Euro-whiteness are the inner cities. You know all those marvelous centuries old brownstones that black folks abandoned in favor of pre-fab heaven in the West Chesters of America, after corporate gods moved all the jobs overseas or barring that, to the suburbs.

Don't think for a moment that I am ignoring the fact that Blacks would not in the first place, be loaned the money for the massive rehabs by the white corporate bank structure needed to resurrect those old brownstones. That's another story and I digress.

Now this drone obsessed rainbow coalition is up in arms because President Obama is using machines to fight the war in Afghanistan instead of boots on the ground. The skittles movement is concerned about the “innocents” and the “US citizens” who are being targeted by big bad Obama and his rain of death from the sky. And, they are speculating that maybe, probably, he is going to target American citizens on American ground for goodness sake.

Obama Derangement Syndrome, still running amok.

Give a man a fish and he will feed himself for a day. Give a Black man power and he will kill all the white folks and declare himself king of the world. Obama Derangement Syndrome.

Yes, drones are being used in Afghanistan. Yes, innocent people are being killed. Yes, at least one American citizen has been targeted, and rightfully so, to my mind. Yes, drones are coming to the skies over America. Truth be told, they are probably already there, and as proof, all you have to do is to tune into Youtube, or Google view, whatever the hell it's called.

Americans are already on candid camera. Killing us from the sky is not a big mental leap. Putting it into practice, however, would take a little more effort. But killing Americans on American soil, anytime soon...not gonna happen.

In the future, maybe. But not now, and certainly not while Obama remains in office.

Drones...Assault weapons, big clip bans...RaHoWa (racial holy war) started by Obama...Terminator/SkyNet justice.....

Obama Derangement Syndrome...nothing more.

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