Real Change....How About.....

All this hollering about whether or not Hillary should quit the race is just plain ludicrous. If the race were currently between two white guys instead of a black guy and a woman, nobody would be demanding that anyone drop out in favor of the other. It would be a duel to the death or at least until the final vote at the convention. Any man who would give in prior to the final outcome, would be termed a "quitter," or a coward with no stomach for battle, deemed totally unfit to be commander in chief of the United States of America.

The premature calls for surrender are just more examples of the chauvinism, and the mysogynistic tendencies directed at the Clinton. Afterall, she's a woman, she can't handle this battle. She's not fit to be general, so the thinking goes.

I hope she ignores them. It shows her gumption and determination.

Although, I feel that some folks will also use this extended competition as another excuse to justify their vote for McCain or to fuel their calls for Al Gore to jump into the fray.

Despite his oscar, Gore is still very establishment...the very thing that everyone says they're tired of...

If we want real change..if everyone is already tired of Hillary or Barack, then maybe we need to resurrect Dennis Kucinich...


Redux...More Peripheral B. S.

Been listening to all the stuff about Obama's preacher and how Barack should disavow his pastor for all of the so called racist/separatist things he allegedly has been saying.

Well, I think Barack should do that when Dubya and the rest of em disavow, Pat Robertson, and all the rest of the pseudo christians who keep appearing on FOX news.

It's all just more of the same, we have to be twice as good, twice as squeeky clean, twice as pius, twice as everything in order to be seen as good enough by white folks.

It seems as though they want us to forget that it was just yesterday that some of us had to step off the side walk to let a white man pass, or be lynched for being in the wrong neighborhood after dark.

I'm all for putting the past behind us. We will never move forward as a people until that racist stuff of the past is put in the past. But I take issue when it's not really a case of forgive me and let's all of us do better, but more a situation of don't upset the white folks cause they are feeling good about themselves and their support for the black guy.

White folks, like it or not, still need to apologize, no reparations needed...just say I'm sorry...I can forgive you, but the knowledge of the past will follow me to my grave.

Just because you support Obama doesn't make you any less of a racist, necessarily. It is the beginning of change, not the place where we will ultimately end up.

Obama is the man because he is willing to go against the status quo. We should follow him for that reason alone. Again, if you check out his record, you will see that he does indeed walk the walk.

His campaign shows that he is a major strategist, and is simply beating Hillary at her own game.

The more I see Hil-Billery on the campaign trail the more uncomfortable I get about her leading this country. I really don't think she can control her hubby.

I let it pass about Barack becoming her vice president...but actually...that was an insult...flat out...


No Pain, No Gain

Hillary takes three out of four and she still can't win. She realizes it too. Today for the first time I heard her imply that she might be willing to be vice president to Barack's president.

I still think the nomination is his, but it seems the democratic powers that be are still scheming against him and trying to make our girl number one.

My own personal opinion is that Barack will have a better chance against McCain than Hillary.

McCain is making ready to place put us in World War III. He hasn't learned yet that guns don't solve anything.

Oh well, on to Pennsylvania.