Dick’s Other Daughter, Liz

Well, at least this one talks. Liz Cheney, who works at the state department and is Mary’s older sister penned an Op-Ed piece in today’s Washington Post, that reads like Daddy dearest wrote the script.

It was an attack on Hillary Clinton and the rest of the big bad politicians who are daring to go against Darth and Dubya on the Iraq question. Nothing new put forth, just more partisan neocon attacks, albeit from a baby neocon.

What gets my goat is that instead of attacking Hillary directly, as they would any front running male candidate, the head neocon in charge rolls out one of his mute and spineless female offspring. That’s like trying to turn the pillow dwelling, rhinestone collared, miniature shih tsu into an attack dog, to ward off the pit bull confronting you on the sidewalk.

Give me a break. The least they could have done was to send a woman to do the job. Where’s Lynn Cheney? Where’s Libby Dole? Don’t they know how to cat fight?

Isn’t that what all straight guys want anyway, two women duking it out for male pleasure? Isn't that the real desire powering the Condi-Hillary dream race talk?

Despite what you may think of Hillary, she is a real candidate with real money, who has a real possibility of taking the nomination and the White House. Don’t insult her with baby neocons. Send in the heavyweights. She can handle it. Apparently, nothing scares a man more then when the woman behind, steps out front to deal with the situation.

C’mon Darth, you can do better than this. Where’s Scooter? Oh, I forgot. He’s on trial for obstruction. What about the brain? Is he still at the White House? How about the Minister of misinformation, Tony Snow? He’s probably snowed under trying to spin Dubya, these days.

Well, let me see...who can talk for this administration?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..............maybe the babies are the only ones left.
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