Congressman Steve Chabot the Lemming on Capital Hill

I take very seriously my charge to protect the unborn and have worked diligently during my time in Congress to be an advocate for these babies so their voices are heard. I am committed to working on legislation that protects these sacred lives and offers important legal protections for doctors and other health care providers who refuse to perform abortion procedures to which they are morally opposed.”-Steve Chabot

Let's see now...
Congressman Steve Chabot, my representative in the House believes in the sanctity of life. I'm taking him at his word since I pulled the above quote directly from his website. Despite all evidence to the contrary, every vote he takes points to the exact opposite of what comes out of his mouth. Every vote Chabot takes has been an attempt to choke the life out of all those sacred little lives preventing their voices from ever being heard.

Yesterday he voted along with 216 other members of Congress to cut $40 billion from the Federal food stamp program, otherwise known as SNAP. 
Says he is saving we the taxpayers money and being oh so fiscally responsible. Guess I'm supposed to pat him on his back and yell “well done, Steve-O.” Well guess what, Stevie, I'm not happy about the vote. 
It wasn't right. It wasn't just. It wasn't fair, it wasn't necessary and it certainly wasn't Christian, which Congressman Chabot claims to be to anyone within hearing distance. During the myriad of times that I've seen him in public and shaken his hand, he always is quick to let you know two things...he's Christian and he used to be a teacher. 
Scary thought people like Congressman Steve teaching kids. No wonder the school system is screwed up.
Cutting this money from the program means that 30 million poor people are gonna have to scrounge around for food and health care or starve and die. Millions of kids can now look forward to going to school hungry, great way to jumpstart learning-on an empty stomach.

(Wonder if Congressman Steve knows that pregnancy and giving birth remains the number one killer of women in America.) We certainly know that he doesn't care.

Women, pregnant women, since men can't get knocked up, will now have to find other places, if they exist, for prenatal or neonatal health care for all those unborn babies. Or maybe they have to figure out a way not to get pregnant since Congressman Steve is also against giving birth control to poor people as well. (He hates those nasty little foil-wrapped condoms, apparently.)

Not a stretch in logic since yesterday's vote was also a vote to defund the Affordable Care Act.
And don't laugh.

Congressman Steve is not only picking on poor people, by the way. He's after what's left of the middle class and sorta rich people, too. His vote yesterday was also designed to trash the country by not funding the government and causing it to default on our debt.

A move tried unsuccessfully several times in the recent past for the sole purpose of destroying the Black Man in the White House.

Because that is what this is all about. It's not about sanctity of life. It's about fear of the Black man. If the Black man is for it and it works for the people...all people...then it's no good and Congressman Steve and his cronies try to trash it. Nevermind that the GOP may have originally created the program in the first place. It was theirs until the Black man said he liked it and let's put it into law. 
How many times has Steve and company voted to defund Obamacare...40 times? Damn! 
Persistent little buggers aren't they. But somebody needs to tell em that doing the same thing over and over is tantamount to running a 10K on a hamster wheel. 
But it is September, and here we are again, doing the same old dance. Listening to the same old arguments, from the same old people.

Still waiting to hear something about jobs, guys....

Guess I shouldn't pick on my Congressman Steve. He's not one of the vocal ones in the House. He's not that other Ohio Congressman from up the road...Boner..er...Boehner...yeah..the dude from West Chester, originally from Reading Oh High O...Grew up in a bar ( Some things never change).

Congressman Steve just basically does what he's told to do. That keeps him employed and on the good side of Boehner, and Cantor and the corporate puppetmasters who really run Capitol Hill.. 
A do-nothing Congressman from a do nothing State who is trying to destroy the country.
Sounds like another day in the USA.

And by the way...

Hey Christian er Conressman Steve...saw this on your website too;

I also believe marriage is between one man and one woman, and I will continue to defend its sanctity.”-Steve Chabot

Does this mean you're going after heterosexual adulterers sometime soon? Just askin'

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