Obama Comes Out, What Us Black People Gon Do?

President Obama kicked his closet door completely off the hinges today and declared his support for same sex marriage.

It wasn't really a surprise, since most of us figured which way he was “evolving” as he evolved. Some of it, as he said was wrestling with his conscious. But a lot of it was testing the air to see which way the political wind was blowing.

I figured if he was gonna come out, it was going to be around the time the Democrats went for their four year huddle in North Carolina.

But he got pushed a little early on Sunday by his VP who staged a coming out of his own, so to speak.

Regardless of how it happened...how it was staged...how it was completed, I want to say;

Thank you, Mr. President for coming out in favor of equality and dignity for Americans.

Now...what cha'll gon do Black folks?

The polls say we don't support marriage equality. We got blamed for the defeat of Prop 8 in California and I would bet we got some of the blame for the passage of Amendment 1 in North Carolina, on Tuesday.

And any Black gay or lesbian can tell you that our community is very conservative, very bigoted, very homophobic and very non supportive of its own. Many still think that Black gays get gay from hanging out with white people...that it is a white thing...

It's bad enough being gay in America. Try being Black and gay and female. You can be killed, literally for simply talking in support of gay people. The word “faggot” is uttered and heard almost as much as the word “nigger.”

Bulldyke...that's a special slur for us lesbians....lesbos....

So, again, I ask, what cha gonna do, Black people?

Are you going to support the courageous stance taken by America's first Black President and help put him back in the White House.... Give him another four years of pissing off white people?

He got 98% of the Black vote in 2008, remember. Will he be able to muster the troops this time, or will something else happen.

I say something else, because I don't think there is going to be a sudden and rapid exodus by Blacks from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, just because President Obama supports same sex marriage.

Obama would literally have to declare himself transgendered and seeking sexual reassignment before Mitt Romney would be gifted major votes from the Black Community or the other brown communities in this country.

However, I can see the church ladies and the religious hypocrites withholding donations because of his presidential declaration today.

Some might even choose to sit at home on election day and not vote at all. I can see that happening.

Support the President and piss off white people....or stay home in biblical and righteous indignation..


What cha'll gon do folks....hmmmmmmmmm?

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