Kasich War on Women

Oh man, has the Republican National Committee been doping their stooges with stupid pills or something?

Nationally and locally these GOP fools have gone all the way crazy. Usually, they are more circumspect with their misogynistic tendencies, fearing they might anger their own women, I would guess.

But not today. NO! John-boy Kasich just banned abortion coverage for women in Ohio. How did he do that considering Roe v Wade is still the law of the land, at least for today anyway.

Dur Fuhrer Kasich signed HB 79 into law that prohibits the sale of abortion coverage in insurance plans...even if you pay for it out of your own pocket.

No government funds involved here. This is private citizen money. Your money. Our money. Not taxpayer money.

No, the man is telling us, that WE the people CANNOT buy insurance coverage with an abortion rider, which has been standard practice for women since the implementation of the Hyde Amendment, which bans the use of federal money for all abortions.

I thought the teabaggers wanted government OUT of our lives. I guess that only matters if you have a penis between your legs. Only those with three legs qualify for full citizenship in America these days.

And you know this fool and his state minions co signed on the lawsuit against the Affordable Health Care Law, stating the government cannot mandate the sale of insurance.

But Kasich and the idjits in Columbus feel they can dictate to women if not to men.

Women apparently don't count...We're apparently not smart enough to make decisions about our own bodies, healthcare, or family planning.

We're just plain stupid ass bitches who need to be looked after by the masters of the universe.

Know what's even worse....Kasich...the self avowed ignoramous...who doesn't read newspapers...books or the United States Constitution...apparently doesn't read the Ohio State Constitution either...

You know the one he is supposed to be upholding...

It is illegal under the Ohio State Constitution to ban or prohibit the sale of health insurance or health care....Article I, section 21B...

Let's just skip the recall and impeach this fool!

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