Thoughts on a Sunday Morning

Dead Man Walking......

Well, Saddam has been found guilty and given a death sentence. He will be hanged in public. This trial went on for a year. Two attorneys have been killed. Two judges quit the bench. Throughout it all, Saddam has remained defiant. Still no WMDs found.

So, he gets to die publicly and the Bush Administration gets a spectacle to point to as an example of all the “good” they did for Iraq.

My question.....Saddam will soon be dead....now what...is anything going to change? Will the country now settle down into a miraculous democracy, where all Iraqis are free like we used to be?

Can my nephew, other Marines and soldiers now come home, now that Saddam has been dealt with?

Is the war on terror any closer to being over? Will gas prices go down?

Are we going after Osama next?


Big Brother in First Grade....

Word comes today that three elementary schools in California are going to start fingerprinting, or I should say fingerprint scanning their young charges. The scanning will come in the lunchroom when the kids pick up their lunches. They will have to place their tiny little digits on a scanning pad that will call up all kinds of instant info on them, before they can eat.

Language Lesson....

Schadenfreude....a German word that loosely means “taking pleasure in others pain”....It’s a popular word these days and lately is being used in connection with ex reverend Ted Haggard.

I had to look up the word because my German sucks and I don’t watch the popular TV shows like West Wing, or Friends-like shows that toss the word around freely, and I wanted to know what all the pop culture elite were talking about on their blogs and comments to blogs.

The concept of this word is not a good one. Taking pleasure in someone else’s pain, may feel great, but the Karmic consequences of such an action are not good.

Remember, what goes around, comes around..that’s Karma....a universal law/Christian/Islamic/Catholic/Judaic/Buddhist..religious..nonreligious..Karma happens..

Don’t take this to mean that I support ex reverend Ted....Anyone who sets himself up to be a moral judge, had better be pristine in both of his lives, public and private. If not, the fall will always be ugly and painful.

One good thing that can come from the ex rev...he is a walking example that homosexuality is not a learned trait. You can’t just turn it on and off, because you want to. You can choose not to have sex....you can get married to the opposite sex and procreate...

You can choose not to identify with other LGBT people. But you’re still gay....born that way....not turned that way.....All the public denials in the world won’t change that.
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