Cranley Wins-Shortsighted Cincinnati Has Spoken Again

When the Hamilton County Chairman of the Republican Party goes on television and says he is very pleased with the results of last night's mayoral election...and both candidates running were Democrats, there's a big, big problem in Cincinnati and Black people, this is your doing.

Once again, the Black community followed the religiously based Pied Pipers and professional black politician/hustlers down the Yellow Brick Road. It remains to be seen what will be lost this time, although after so many years, there is not much else left to lose.

In Cincinnati the best man for the job of Mayor was a woman, but the male in the race won. He won handily, I might add. Some are even calling it a landslide.

Only 23% of the electorate bothered to exercise their privilege, telling the rest of us that they don't really give a damn about what happens here.

A “landlside” of 23% of all possible voters is an embarrassment. You can read the sorry details here,

So don't walk up to me, message me on FB, text me about any problems you may be having with current events, because I'm going to tell you what to do with your bogus concern.

Ya didn't vote...I'm telling you what you told me by your lack of action...”fuck you. Fuck you very much!”

But back to John Cranley. Cranley campaigned on two issues, stopping the streetcar and leasing the parking meters. He promised that his first action would be to stop the street car project. However, in his victory speech last night, he said he would see what he could do about stopping the project. That is different from stopping something. It shows that Cranley really has no idea what he is going to do, if anything, about the streetcar.

It is being built with federal money. Federal money allocated for the project in question. You can't just take that money and spend it somewhere else. Cranley should know this. Yet he promised exactly that and shortsighted Cincinnati, the ones who can't see across their own street much less the big, down the road picture, bit on the lie hook, line and sinker.

This AM he has asked City Council to suspend all spending on the streetcar until he takes office next month. The streetcar is already under construction, by the way. People are already working.  That is different from when Governor Kasich derailed light rail a few years ago. When Kasich pulled the plug stateside the project was still on paper and in the planning stages. Here it has already begun.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the Feds ask for their money back-money already spent and in the ground, that is. Maybe the City can begin giving paid tours of the Cincinnati Subway and Cincinnati streetcar projects-the people mover projects that never were, sort of thing, in order to raise revenue.

As for City Council-voted sorta clueless. Sittenfeld led all voters. That is a good thing. Seelbach won too. We've still got the openly gay man on council. That is good. Young and Simpson return. That is good. David Mann, former mayor, Councilman and Congressman returns. That is great. Winburn and Smitherman, Cincinnati's version of Herman Cain and Alan Keyes are back for yet another encore. The newbies are Republican Amy Murray, who is also a returning Councilmember and Kevin Flynn, an attorney who had been running unsuccessfully for a few years now.

So now what? Everybody gets sworn in next month and then let the games begin.


Roxanne Qualls for Mayor

This is a no brainer really. If you interested in keeping Cincinnati the vibrant hub of activity that it has become these past few years, you should vote for Qualls.

Let me be clear here upfront...I am in favor of putting people in office who are gonna work for the city and the Black Community, regardless of party label or affiliation. I don't give a damn what some bought and paid for Black minister endorses for anything. They've been getting paid for a very long time and none of it has trickled down to street level. So listen to them if you want to. I don't. Their interest is not your interest. They are paid to keep you quiet and they are damn good at it too.

What I am saying is to open your eyes and vote for the person who works for us...Qualls has long worked for this city and you can look at both sides of the river as proof. Qualls brought both the Haufbrau House and and the Aquarium to the area. Those were her ideas and work...Cincinnati bureaucracy at city hall screwed the deals and couldn't get it together so both moved to Newport. Should have been in Ohio.

Name one project from the past that has Cranley's name on it...Anyone?

If you want a replay of 2010 when progress died in Ohio, when voters allowed the election of John Kasich, either by voting for him, or simply by not turning up to vote in the first place, then your vote will go one way or the other to John Cranley.

State side-John Kasich got in and literally canceled the street car/light rail as his first move. What that means is that when light rail is built nationally, it will bypass Ohio. Kasich also tried to cancel the Casino. However in this he was not successful.

Jon Cranley is Cincinnati's John Kasich.

Cranley is attempting to do the same kind of things here in Cincinnati, telling the same kind of lies in order to gain power.

Many people that I've talked to want Cranley because they are not in favor of building a streetcar, saying it will not help poor people or Black people.

Word to the wise.....neither will John Cranley or Amy Murray, who is also a vocal opponent.

Murray is a shill for corporate Cincinnati. In Cincinnati, Corporate has always gotten paid, regardless of who is in office. So will Murray.

Cranley is well...think Kenneth Blackwell, remember him. Cranley and Blackwell are brothers from another mother, think about it. Cranley/Blackwell/Kasich are three of a kind...about the power not the people.

Cranley and Amy Murray are saying outright they will Stop the Street Car if elected. That is an out and out lie. They can't stop it and they know it. The money used for the project cannot be directed toward any other project or situation needing money in Cincinnati, ie pensions or to keep police and fire from being laid off.

It is simply not gonna happen. Believing this lie, means you've bought the bullshit and the City loses. The street car is on, end of discussion.

Let me put it another way a vote for John Cranley puts the Tea Party in control of City Hall, period.

Votes for Amy Murray, Chris Smitherman, Charlie Winburn will give the tea party, the group that has tried to destroy America, a voice on City Council.

Smitherman is simply a walking disaster. I've said it before. He is a puppet for COAST. There is nothing past, present or future that COAST has done or will do to help Black Cincinnati. Smitherman in all his blazing stupidity is the closest this organization has come to having any credibility whatsoever.

Getting him off City Council and out of the NAACP is the best thing Blacks can do for Cincinnati and us in general.

Charlie Winburn, can be summed up in one word...CLUELESS!

Having said all that, I will cast my votes for:

Roxanne Qualls for mayor

Wendell Young
David Mann
Laure Qunlivan
Yvette Simpson
Chris Seelbach
PG Sittenfeld
Vanessa White
Pam Thomas

Vote responsibly on November 5th..