"Holy Muffdiving Batman, Batwoman's Gay, Too!"

(originally published May 31, 2006)

Maybe it's just me but I always thought Batman and Robin were a gay couple. I mean c'mon, Bruce Wayne is a filthy rich white man who keeps a penniless young man named Robin as his ward. They live in this humongous mansion taken care of by a male butler named Alfred. Toogether they don tight latex suits and fight crime all night every night and you never see either one of them with women. Seems like business as usual in boystown to me.

Now comes word that Batwoman has been resurrected (she was killed off in 1979) as a rich dyke who loves the ladies. But she has typical lesbian issues. She apparently still hasn't come out to her parents yet. But I'm sure her brother knows, if she has one. Boy that's a bummer. Imagine running thru the mansion changing all the photos and artwork after finding out mommy and daddy are coming over for a chat. Still with a big house it is easier to stash the girlfriend and to hide the fact that the two of 'em are sleeping in the same bed.

It's all part of an effort by DC Comics to diversify the comic book universe which has been lilly white and straight for almost all of it's existence. Oh, there have been black superheroes with names like Black Panther or Storm of X-men fame. But they were marginalized just like in real life sometimes. Except for Storm, she's kicking ass on the big screen in X-men III in case you haven't seen it yet. Please go, it's worth the price of the ticket. In addition to Batwoman, DC Comics is also adding Latinos to the line up.

According to a story in the New York Daily News, some comic book geeks who inhabit the internet are grumbling about Batwoman's change in sexuality, as if they could get with her when she was straight. I think being a lesbian makes her a more interesting wet dream. Don't straight guys love dreaming about women together anyway? Now they have the possibility of seeing their fantasy in color.

Now if we can just get Wonder Woman to kick open that closet door. Man what a power couple that would be.

Casting my vote for WW...


Raging Hobbits, Sanctimonious Twits and Prick Posses-The Week that Was in America..

Still wrapped tightly in his elven cloak of invisibility, Ron Paul, all but forgotten by most, continues to campaign for the Republican nomination for president. His tiny, rabid followers are intent upon wresting as many delegates as possible from the fake teabagger Willard Mitt Romney, thereby throwing the convention into chaos, and forcing the GOP to embrace little Dr. Ron, their savior, lord and master.

The rampaging little buggers managed to torpedo yet another state convention, this one in Oklahoma, on Saturday, causing the leaders to cancel the meeting, which was then promptly reconvened in the parking lot.

At least one report says that the Ron Paul Clan has managed to steal 60% of the delegate seats in this delegation.

Meanwhile, the world found out that Mitt Romney, the perfect man, was leader of a prick posse, thanks to an expose done by The Washington Post.

When you are poor white or black or latino, from the ghetto and you beat up people because they are different or inadvertently stray onto your turf, you are called a gang, complete with all the negative, dangerous and bad connotations.

If you're middle to upper class, white and attend a prep or boarding school, and pick on the weaker or different kids in school, then you're not in a gang, you're in a Prick Posse. The female version of a prick posse are Mean Girls. Pricks and Means are routinely glorified on television and in the movies as people to emulate in society.

Black or Latino girls are still gang members . No need to differentiate. Gang members are always the sassy sidekicks to Pricks and Means, if they are portrayed on TV at all in anything other than a perp walk.

Prick Posses and Mean girls function in exactly the same way as gangs do, however when they do mean shit to “other” kids it's called a prank or joke, and if forced to acknowledge their behavior, dismiss it with; “If I offended anybody, I'm apologize.”

No harm, no foul.

Prick Posse leaders go on to run for president. Gang members go to prisons built and run by Prick posse members.

Mean girls grow up to marry Pricks.

Of course, Mean girls sometimes turn into Twits with names like Michele, Sarah, Christine or Michelle. Sometimes they give birth to Twits, too with names like Bristol.

I guess since Mom is a Twit, young Bristol can only be called a Twitess.

Bristol deigned to criticize the president this week because he announced his support for same sex marriage and cited his daughter's influence as part of his reasoning evolution.

Nobody asked the Wasillan Hood Rat for her opinion, but she offered it up anyway, without nary a thought, reflection or understanding of what happens when you “spit into the wind”, or “throw stones in glass houses” or talk about other people's values as you scramble for ways to support the little bastard that you made with the around the way boy named Levi, who refused to marry you.Guess we'll hear from Momma Grizzly next...

to be continued...


Obama Comes Out, What Us Black People Gon Do?

President Obama kicked his closet door completely off the hinges today and declared his support for same sex marriage.

It wasn't really a surprise, since most of us figured which way he was “evolving” as he evolved. Some of it, as he said was wrestling with his conscious. But a lot of it was testing the air to see which way the political wind was blowing.

I figured if he was gonna come out, it was going to be around the time the Democrats went for their four year huddle in North Carolina.

But he got pushed a little early on Sunday by his VP who staged a coming out of his own, so to speak.

Regardless of how it happened...how it was staged...how it was completed, I want to say;

Thank you, Mr. President for coming out in favor of equality and dignity for Americans.

Now...what cha'll gon do Black folks?

The polls say we don't support marriage equality. We got blamed for the defeat of Prop 8 in California and I would bet we got some of the blame for the passage of Amendment 1 in North Carolina, on Tuesday.

And any Black gay or lesbian can tell you that our community is very conservative, very bigoted, very homophobic and very non supportive of its own. Many still think that Black gays get gay from hanging out with white people...that it is a white thing...

It's bad enough being gay in America. Try being Black and gay and female. You can be killed, literally for simply talking in support of gay people. The word “faggot” is uttered and heard almost as much as the word “nigger.”

Bulldyke...that's a special slur for us lesbians....lesbos....

So, again, I ask, what cha gonna do, Black people?

Are you going to support the courageous stance taken by America's first Black President and help put him back in the White House.... Give him another four years of pissing off white people?

He got 98% of the Black vote in 2008, remember. Will he be able to muster the troops this time, or will something else happen.

I say something else, because I don't think there is going to be a sudden and rapid exodus by Blacks from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, just because President Obama supports same sex marriage.

Obama would literally have to declare himself transgendered and seeking sexual reassignment before Mitt Romney would be gifted major votes from the Black Community or the other brown communities in this country.

However, I can see the church ladies and the religious hypocrites withholding donations because of his presidential declaration today.

Some might even choose to sit at home on election day and not vote at all. I can see that happening.

Support the President and piss off white people....or stay home in biblical and righteous indignation..


What cha'll gon do folks....hmmmmmmmmm?


Mitt Romney=Dubya Squared

Watching and listening to the GOP and conservative right attempt to sell Mitt Romney to the country reminds me of the last time a former friend of mine attempted to hook me up on a blind date.

The first words out of her mouth were “ she has a great personality” and I knew, right then and there, I was in trouble.

“Great personality” is code for ugly as sin, dresses funny and can't hold a conversation longer than “hi.”

That' s Mitt Romney to a “T.” Vanilla ice cream is more exciting.

The word “liar” comes to mind next. All politicians lie. Some of them do it better than others. Take Bill Clinton, for instance. Dude will lie through his teeth, while all the time having his hand up your dress, and the only thing you can do is smile.

President Obama comes close, especially when he tries to sing Al Green or dance with somebody.

But Mitt? Ole button down Mormon Mitt trips over the punch line every single time, no matter how many times he rehearses it. And then he changes it the next time he tries to tell it. Totally boring.

I have never in all of my voting life, which currently spans 41 years and counting, precluded the possibility of voting for a Republican. Never have, yet, although I did go independent, have done some write-ins and one time even voted Communist Party (full disclosure).

But 2012 is not gonna break my streak. Mitt Max Headroom Romney ain't it. He's not even a blind date. We already know so much about this guy, and what I know, I don't like.

I mean, why...under what logic do you place a corporate raider in charge of a whole country? He kills corporations for a living, while making beaucoup bucks for himself, leaving the rest of the workers without jobs, salaries or pension funds.

This is his job description. He is telling you what he is going to do if we put him in the White House.

He has already said he is going to kill public education and the department of education.

He keeps his money overseas, which should tell you what he really thinks about America in general.

He is going to kill the EPA and allow his corporate buds to asphyxiate us when we venture from our homes.

He is setting himself up to be a killer of women by not supporting contraception, birth control and family planning.

He will kill families by not supporting equal pay for women since most families these days are single parent FEMALE headed families.

He has embraced the Ryan Budget which kills social security, medicare, medicaid and food stamps, which is total destruction of the so called national safety net that alleged christian nations pride themselves on having in place, making them appear more Jesus-like.

Even the Catholic Bishops have slammed Ryan and his budget for it's callousness toward poor people. But not good ole Mitt. He is sticking by his little pal to the end.

Good ole boy's club will never die.

Mitt also does not support equality for gays lesbians or any minority that is not white and predominantly male.

And despite his reticence to talk about it, has hired nearly all of George W's advisors except Dick Cheney. But who knows, the Dickster is probably whispering from the sidelines preserving his strength and his new heart.

The scariest of all his advisers to me is that Mitt has hired Robert Bork. Bork is flat out crazy. He is in a category of crazy that cannot be labeled. It's just Bork...totally nuts...totally paranoid....endlessly angry...hates blacks and women without remorse. Think Clarence Thomas with white privilege on steroids.

I could go on and on about why I won't vote for Mitt, but I won't. I will tell you he actually he lost me with Seamus.

Bad Mitt! Bad boy Mitt!