Like Kanye Said, “GOP Don't Like Black People”

One of the most troubling aspects of  GOP/teabagger attempts to “take back their country” is their rabid intent to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act of 2009, otherwise known as Obamacare. Republicans make it very clear in their Pledge to America that dismantling this law is a primary goal.

The progressive think tank Center for American Progress recently completed an analysis of the Pledge and came to the conclusion that Blacks would suffer big time, if the GOP is allowed to trash this monumental piece of legislation.

You can read the analysis here

The Pledge to America promises a number of moves including;

The GOP promises to undo or defund the provisions establishing the Office of Minority Health within the Department of Health and Human Services. This minority office is designed to address the blatant and historical disparities in health care suffered by all nonwhites in this country, particularly Black Americans.

Blacks are already more likely to be uninsured, or victimized by substandard medical treatment and facilities. Repealing these provisions brings a halt to the recent progress as well as on going progress that will be generated by the new health care laws.

The Pledge to America intends to replace health care reform with isolated measures to benefit only those who already have health care. It does not speak to, nor address the problems of the uninsured.

In other words, the uninsured are screwed and left hanging. Those who have pre existing conditions are basically out of luck if the Pledge to America is enacted by the GOP.

The Pledge does repeal Medicaid, financial help for small businesses as well as the tax subsidies to help families afford more insurance to cover their needs.

There are no plans to improve or expand primary care for anyone. Blacks and other minorities will continue to be victimized by lower quality and disparities in treatment facilities. The Pledge does away with data collecting so the government won't know who is being shafted and when, and therefore can't correct the wrongness built into the system through discrimination and institutionalized racism.

So the GOP/Tea Party hybrid can yell, scream and jump up and down all it wants claiming not to be racist.

It can use all the chocolate talking heads it wants to try and sell this bigoted agenda to the American people. But it won't work.

The GOP don't like Black People and they prove it everytime they announce their intentions or write agendas like this Pledge to America.


Friday Rap-2010 Election Edition


I Remember....

The GOP does not care about women...

He was elected for 4 years, not just for 2....YES WE CAN....YES WE MUST!



Driehaus...1st District

Surya Yalamanchili....2nd District

Justin Coussoule....8th District

Lee Fisher for US Senate

Kevin Boyce

Eric Kearney


GOP/Tea Party Cincinnati

Making the world safe for Bernie Madoff, Carl Lindner and Harry Yeaggy, but not the rest of us..

Unless you've lived the past 50 years under a rock, you already know that Carl Linder is one of the richest and most influential men in the country let alone Cincinnati and the tristate. He owns United Dairy Farmers, American Financial Group and at one time owned Chiquita Banana and part of the Cincinnati Enquirer. Mr. Lindner is known for his political generosity. He sprinkles his money on all sides of the political fence to gain maximum bang for his buck. Every politico around here is beholden to Uncle Carl regardless of party affiliation.

Everybody knows Bernie, but you might not be too familiar with Cincinnatian Harry Yeaggy. He owns a small classic car museum and last night bought the James Bond 1965 Goldfinger Aston Martin for 4.1 million dollars.

Cincinnati is just full of both infamous and anonymous rich people who quietly live here among the buckeye and walnut trees in neighborhoods like Indian Hill or Hyde Park or Madeira. At one point in this nation's recent past, there were more millionaires per capita living in Cincinnati than anywhere else in America.

And the Tea Party/GOP is working hard to keep these guys and others in their tax bracket happy and content. So much so, that they're even willing to spite the rest of us just to keep these guys swimming in greenbacks.

But I didn't mention these two men to knock them or to bad mouth them. I actually like the idea that a Cincinnatian went all the way to Europe with a pocket full of money and bought the Goldfinger car and is bringing it back to Ohio.

Carl Lindner is one of the good guys. He does a lot for this area. Never talks. Just lets his money do the walking. I'm not mad at him. I respect him.

My beef is with the Tea Party/GOP which claims to represent the American people, but is going above and beyond the call of duty to protect people who don't need protecting
while ignoring those who do.

The Cincinnnati Enquirer has endorsed these hybrid teabag-republicans, namely Jean Scmidt in the Second Congressional District, Steve Chabot in the First Congressional District, and John Boehner in the 8th District.

Schmidt is running for a third term. Yet if you listen to her campaign commercials, you'd be hard pressed to understand that she is actually one of the Washington insiders that she is running against. She's been there for two terms already.

She voted for the Bush tax cuts, which will increase the deficit by 3 trillion dollars if allowed to go forward. She voted against the CHIP program which gives health care to indigent children.

She voted in favor of the two illegal wars. She voted for the 2006 Military Commissions Act which for the first time ever in the history of America, stations American troops
on American soil to be used against American citizens at the whim of the President. Think about that for a minute...

She supports FISA which allows the government to spy on American citizens at will. I'll Give ya another minute on that one, too.

She voted against health care reform and wall street financial reform. She wants to deregulate banking.

She recently made headlines for lecturing six year olds at school, without parents present, about abortion.

Six Year Olds?! WTF!

Schmidt votes the GOP/teabag line 95% of the time, so it would be safe to assume that girlfriend will vote to cut social security, repeal health care, gut medicare and defund
medicaid, since those are the current party stances.

It is also safe to say that Steve Chabot is also in support of these measures, if he is returned to Congress. He lost two years ago after seven terms, having ridden in with Newt Gingrich and the Contract on America, for the first time back in 1994. He lost primarily because he is an ineffective representative, known more for his comb-over sartorial splendor than generating substantive legislation for his district.

Despite his dismal record, the Enquirer issued its endorsement by stating that his record is better than it reads on paper. Really?! I mean really?! What changed besides him getting booted out of office?

Chabot votes just like Schmidt. In other words, whatever the party bosses tell him to do, he will do it. He favors privatizing social security, cutting off medicare and medicaid,  repealing health care...supports two illegal wars and funding for such.

Chabot's campaign ads are full of vague unsubstantiated allegations and talking points with no basis in fact and no solutions for problems. And again, he wants you to believe
that he is a “newby” when actually he was part of team "Screw America."

Chabot is a multi- term Congressman, a professional politican, whose votes helped take down this country, yet he wants to duck complicity in the Big fail, like every other GOP/teabagger running for office.

And then, there is the Boss. No, not Bruce, John Boehner, he who would be Speaker of the House of Representatives. The Enquirer endorses him because it says “we” the people need to see what he can do in a leadership role.

NO WE DON'T! I don't need to feel the fire to know it burns. I don't need to jump off a cliff to know that my fat ass won't bounce when I hit bottom. I don't need to stand in front of a 357 magnum and have a stupid friend pull the trigger to understand that getting shot, gets me dead.

John Boehner wants to be Dean Martin. He apparently likes the idea of being a leader with all the trappings...it's that work thingey that trips him up.

The West Chester Congressman is on record about what he intends to do, if he should win re election again. Here is another of the major players in the near destruction of America. Here is a man who was complicit in destroying the  Ohio middle class, shipping jobs overseas and favoring tax breaks for the very corporations who are hurting this country.

Boehner is their bag man passing out the bucks to buy their votes on the very floor of Congress.

Even while endorsing him the Enquirer slapped him for ignoring his constituents in favor of national interests. Question....If he is screwing up now in his representation...what's gonna happen to the shrinking West Chester middle class, if he is given the national role.

What's he gonna say...”Oh wait...gotta see what my folks back O hy O think about this first..” Please!

Vote on November 2nd to keep our country going forward.

These guys deserve your vote...

Surya Yalamanchili in the 2nd District

Steve Driehaus in the 1st District

Justin Coussoule in the 8th District


Is this Your America?

The GOP plan for the future...

Campaign rhetoric is off the charts since the mere threat of a Black man taking the White House crystallized from talk to reality. The calls from the right have often bordered on sedition, secession and in some cases, outright treason. As November 2nd draws near, the rhetoric has turned to violence, as witnessed outside the Conway/Paul debate of a couple of nights ago.

Groups of men beating up and stomping on minorities and women exercising their rights is sadly, all too common throughout American history. The only thing new about this latest occurrence was the fact that it was a white woman being stomped.

If you listen to the national news media, the so called pundits and talking heads, as well as read the polls conducted by these same entities, you get the feeling that the Democrats and Obama by proxy, are cooked. There is no chance to return to power.

You also get the feeling that America will return to “normal” whatever that is, as soon as the bums are tossed out.

Ego driven rallies are being held across the country like the one here in Cincinnati by Governor wannabe John Kasich, who conducted a GOP “victory “ rally this past Monday, when we don't vote until next week.

Congressman John Boehner has already reportedly picked out the new drapes for his new office as Speaker of the House, replacing the vilified Nancy Pelosi. Again, the people have not yet spoken.

Kentucky Congressman Mitch McConnell has already said there will be no bi partisan governance nor compromise WHEN the GOP returns to power on November 3rd.

The GOP has laid out a number of things that will happen following their swearing in:
John Boehner will make the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% permanent, thereby increasing the deficit that he rails about now, by 3 trillion dollars....He has no plan to pay for those tax cuts, by the way.

In fact, all GOP members of Congress are on record wanting to increase the deficit by extending the tax cuts.

Boehner will have the age limits changed on social security. He wants you to work longer before you get your money...and it is your money..you worked for it and saved it. Boehner will also vote to privatize social security, placing it at the mercy of the winds of wall street.

Boehner will cut non defense federal spending, taking it back to pre stimulus 2008 levels. This move will stifle any growth that has been achieved since implementation of the stimulus package...a package created by the Bush Administration and passed by Boehner and company before Obama came to power.

The stimulus was good thing when Bush was in office...now it's a bad thing...regardless of how it is helping the economy recover....because it was put into effect by Obama.

No the stimulus did not create jobs as promised. But then it really wasn't big enough either. However it did keep things from getting worse.

The bloated defense budget complete with spending on two illegal wars will remain tact, according the GOP, siphoning money away from the needs of the American people. It's like pouring sand down a rat hole...useless.

The GOP says it will stop illegal immigration....how? Don't know...their billion dollar boondoggle of a security fence is not working and will probably be dismantled, according to recent reports out of Homeland Security.

Increasing troops along the border is one way...but then you come back to that problem of raising taxes to pay for it.

Some members of Congress just simply want to close the borders and deny citizenship to children born on American soil to undocumented people, which flies against the very definition of American.

The real truth is that fewer people are coming to America due to the lousy job situation here and better enforcement along the borders. The question always has been what to do about the 12 million undocumented already here, who work and pay taxes by the way.

The GOP in congress says it will repeal the health care reform law....block campaign finance reform....repeal wall street regulations.....deny further unemployment benefits to those still out of work....keep DOMA in place as the law of the land....refuse to make ENDA law....keep DADT as the rule for the American military.

This is what the GOP is promising to do. Add these promises to the list of things the GOP/Tea Party candidates want to do, such as:

Change the United States Constitution

Implement a National religion

Shut down the Depts of Education, Veterans Administration, Environmental Protection Agency

Gut the social security surplus

Do away with medicaid and drastically cut back on medicare

Repeal the minimum wage

Repeal Roe v Wade

Impeach Obama

You have to ask yourself....is this the America that you really want to live in?

Vote November 2nd!


Why You Should Vote Democratic on November 2nd

AARP, the advocacy group that represents most senior citizens in America, predicts that upwards of 80% of America's 40 million senior citizens plan to vote on November 2nd. 63% turned out in 2008. Now, on the surface that looks like a good thing for the GOP, since old people are usually more conservative.

But hold your horses...the GOP and its tea party mini-mes say across the board, that they are going to privatize or change social security, health care and medicare...that's right after they extend the Bush tax cuts and increase the deficit by 3 trillion dollars.

But most seniors are happy with health care, and social security. Not even teabaggers want anyone to touch their social security and medicare.

The only place where seniors are against health care and okay with changing social security in fact, are Ohio and Florida....go figure...

Ohio Congressman John Boehner, in between losing his tan, measuring the drapes for his new office and promising powerful committee chairs to his teabagging buddies has promised to shut down the government ala 1994, if he gets the power..this in addition to privatizing social security and revising health care for seniors.

We all know how well that worked for Newt Gingrich and his Contract on America Congressmen who authored the last government shutdown as a way to embarrass President Clinton.

Boehner and Eric Cantor and  Ms. Mitch McConnell want to try the same thing with Obama.

The Campaign for America has identified some of the biggest lies hanging out there that have people confused about Obama's record. You can find the entire story here.

  1. Obama drastically increased the deficit. Fact: Bush's last deficit was 1.4-trillion dollars. Obama's first deficit was 1.2 trillion...Obama's plan DECREASED the deficit
  2. Obama raised taxes and screwed the economy. Fact: Obama cut taxes for 95% of America. Some 40% of the stimulus money was wasted on tax cuts that created more debt.
  3. Obama bailed out the banks. Fact: The Bank bailout was requested by President Bush and implemented by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. The bailout package was approved BEFORE Obama was even elected president.
  4. The Stimulus did not work. Fact: The Congressional Budget Office says, not only did it work, it wasn't big enough and should have been more. Emplyment went up by 3.3 million jobs as a direct result of the stimulus.
  5. Businesses will create jobs if they get tax cuts. Fact: This is trickle down economics. Businesses hire when they have a demand for product and supplies. If given tax cuts, businesses sit on the money as long as possible, saving it rather than putting it back into the economy or hiring new workers.
  6. Health Care Reform cost a trillion dollars. Fact: The new health care package cuts the deficit by $138 billion.
  7. Social Security is going broke. Fact: Social Security is still running a surplus and is good for at least another 25 years. It cannot legally borrow and therefore cannot contribute to the deficit. The big problem is that people are simply living longer with fewer babies dying at birth or shortly thereafter.
  8. Government spending takes money away from the economy. Fact: Government money is used to build and repair infrastructure like roads, airports, ports, courts and schools. Very little of the government budget goes to welfare, foreign aid and other social programs. The biggest drain on the national budget is defense and military spending.

Bottom line...if the GOP gets in and starts to put back into place the old policies...America will go broke....period.
If the GOP gets back in and pulls back on stimulus money....America will go into a depression, the likes of which has never been seen before.
If the GOP gets back into power and repeals health care...the deficit will triple and probably quadruple...but by then...most of us won't be around to see it..

The choice is yours...Go forward to recovery or go back to the dark ages. For some of us...the good ole days that the teabaggers talk about never existed in the first place.
Vote November 2nd


Friday Rap

Clarence's Ex

It boggles the brain as to why Virginia Thomas, wife of Uncle Clarence Thomas, would suddenly, out of the blue contact Anita Hill, to demand an apology for speaking out against the horndog activities of her then Supreme Court nominee husband, 19 years after the fact.

Why? Well, only she knows. Some people simply can't live unless they are enveloped in chaos and drama.

The problem with stirring up old stuff is that it may start to percolate and cook again, bringing out new stuff....like an old ex girlfriend, who kept her mouth shut 19 years ago, but has now decided to join in the conversation.

Judge Lillian MeEwen is Clarence's ex and she's written a book. There is a lot to digest, but basically the lady said Clarence's “hobby” was office-ho-hoppin'.”

You can read the whole article here.

If Judge McEwen had spoken out and Angela Wright had been allowed to testify, maybe there would have been no Uncle Clarence on the Supreme Court. At least not the one we're presently stuck with in place.

Who is Angela Wright? Well she is a journalist who used to work with Uncle when he was head of EEOC. She is also an attorney, I believe. She also had problems with Thomas when he was her boss. He fired her from the federal agency, in fact. He kept asking about the size of her breasts and one time showed up unannounced at her home, looking for.....

He also reportedly harassed other women at work in the same way...and she was set to testify about it...but was blocked by several Congressmen...two of which were named Alan Simpson and Joe Biden... all of this leading to Thomas' confirmation.

You can read Wright's story here.


Dubya Speaks

The walking, talking delusion that is George W. Bush is about to release his memoirs of his eight years as America's 43rd president. Excerpts are leaking and in them Dubya says he is proudest of protecting the country in time of great peril.

He also says he is sorry that he didn't privatize Social Security.

That's like a bus driver telling his passengers...”I was headed toward the cliff but ran out of gas before I could drive it over the ledge.”

A number of GOP are not happy about the timing of Bush's memoir, calling the timing “selfish and stupid.”

The GOP really shouldn't fret..those of us living through the aftermath and wreckage of the Bush-lite years haven't forgotten and plan on voting accordingly, regardless of what Bush's ghost writer packed into the tome.

To date, teabaggers have not demonstrated any literary acumen, as witnessed by their signs and placards, so I don't think they will be running out and buying the book to jumpstart their memories of what got us into this mess in the first place. So the delusional base is safe.



On...Off...On...Off....like a kid playing with a damn light switch. It is frustrating when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, however the tunnel is six football fields long and your feet are tired from walking...

What do you do? You keep walking, period.

Obama has said, DADT will end on his watch...his watch is not even half over and some are running scared and angry....holding their breath because it hasn't been done as quickly as they would like..

Honestly....I want it done yesterday...But then I feel that way about civil rights...about
women's rights...about immigrants rights....

As a woman....I'm still waiting...as a Black American....I'm still waiting....as a gay American...I'm still waiting...

But I am not gonna turn my back on the one person who has done more than any other politician in the history of this country...not when he needs us most...

To paraphrase Fannie Lou Hamer....”I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of spoiled, selfish gay white men and women”

Gay Whites...talking about not voting for Obama...give me a fucking break...you can play victim all you want...but you were born camoflauged....your sex....your skin, protect you and allow you to blend in no matter what the system, or who's in charge...you are to the manner born...you don't have to hide....you just want a bigger piece of the pie...

All I want is a frickin' crumb...I can't hide...I can't blend in...I can't be a natural master of the universe like you..

Try being a woman...a transgender...or god forbid... try and see if your selfish miniscule little mind can actually imagine being black in America for longer than the time it takes me to type this sentence...

Sitting out the midterms is gonna do what....is DADT gonna end on November 3rd because you didn't vote and the GOP suddenly gets a clue?

(Note to the immature....holding your breath til you turn blue only works on mommie or your sugar daddy...not in the real world)

Do you think that because a couple of power gay guys opened their closet door, and stepped outside, that suddenly being gay and republican is the new look?

Putting the old white guys back in power makes the potential good stuff on the table go away...is that what you want?

Think about it...it's okay to get mad...feel it...but then go do the work instead of sulking and sucking on your thumb....


Remember...despite what the right tells you....Ignorance is not a virtue..nor is it attractive..


Vote November 2nd-Obama taking office was his decision to stand in front of a freight rain traveling downhill at 200 miles per hour...He needs some help from us to find the brake...

Friday Music


Damn Ginni, Don' Nobody Wont Cho Man!

Ever since Mrs. Clarence decided to contact Anita Hill, people have been shaking their heads, attempting to figure out the whys and wherefores behind the voicemail.

I mean, it's not like the Thomas/Hill confirmation drama played out last week and the country was still wrapped up in the story.  It happened nearly 20 years ago. A whole generation of people has grown up knowing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as the dummy that Justice Anton Scalia uses when he's in the mood to do ventriloquism tricks from the bench.

Few people other than political junkies remember Clarence the horndog and his infatuation with pubic hairs.  Except maybe his wife.

Virginia seems to be one of those women who thinks every other woman wants her man. The Jerry Springer show is full of these fools, everyday.  She thinks her personal piece of sexy chocolate drives other women wild. Wild enough to lie in front of congress and millions watching a televised hearing to castigate the hapless Clarence who is not only honorable, but also madly in love and completely faithful to wifey Virginia.

In Ginni world, Clarence has no lust in his heart for any other woman.

Ginni even told People Magazine about Anita Hill, back in the day: "I always believed she was probably someone in love with my husband and never got what she wanted."

All righty then! I don't know about you, but I spell sexy chocolate Idris or Boris or Denzel...not Clarence. Clarence equals Clown...Clarence equals Urkel...Clarence equals untrustworthy brotha...need I go on...

To most of the world Clarence is not nearly as hapless or as blameless as his wife would have you believe.

Yeah, he sits on the United States Supreme Court, but he wasn't the first choice for the position. He wasn't even the second choice for position. He wasn't considered competent enough to fill the shoes of the late Justice Thurgood Marshall and remains an embarrassment to Marshall's memory and legacy to this day.

Not only do other women not want this dude...neither did nor does the Black community in general, which I guess is why he ended up married to Saint Virginia in the first place, she of the pale skin and very deep pockets.

There were in fact, other women who spoke out about goodboy Clarence's sexual proclivities at the time of his nomination and confirmation controversies. Those old girlfriends backed up Anita's version, not Ginni's idea of her man.

"The Clarence I know was certainly capable of not only doing the things that Anita Hill said he did, but it would be totally consistent with the way he lived his personal life then." -Lillian McEwen retired judge who dated Thomas from 1979 til the mid 1980's.

I guess Judge McEwen falls into Ginni's bag of scorned women, too. Uh huh...


But maybe, just maybe, Ginni's not as crazy as one might think, given her sudden desire to step out into the tea party limelight with her Liberty Central teabag organization.

Maybe she was simply using her Clarence as a shield...In other words..rehash her husband's controversy to deflect attention off the fact that Ginni's group is gathering in lots and lots of anonymous money to buy back America and keep it the playground that it has become for rich, racist conservatives.

Poor Clarence. Even when someone steps forward to seemingly defend him..he still ends up being the doormat.


Sarah “I Have the Power!” Palin

Back up Skeletor..The Lady leads the way.....

Talk about balls, Sarah Palin's got a pair...big brass hairy balls, man...Heck...she must have three of em rockin' back and forth between her legs, the way she's picking fights and ordering people around, demanding they toe that teabagger line or else.

Sarah Palin is standing up in front of the angry 18% that makes up the Lipton nation (they are too Amerikkkan to drink Green) and telling them the GOP is history if it doesn't fall into line with their teabag philosophy. 

You can read her latest attack diatribe here

Snow Barbie acts as if she has already vanquished Obama and the Democrats, going back to that landslide loss in 2008. She's totally dismissed all minorities and most women, and is openly threatening the entire Republican party whose moderate wing has gone totally silent, apparently struck dumb by the power, logic and majesty of the magnficent MILF.

Palin apparently thinks the silence means the GOP moderates and real conservatives agree with her.

Maybe...maybe not. Won't know til they find their voice again...They will...politics is cyclical like everything else...what goes around...comes around....

I guess she also feels minorities, gays, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans don't count, won' t vote and therefore are not a threat to her agenda of world domination, regardless of what we may think.

You know, I've only seen one person in my lifetime, pick a fight standing in the middle of a circle and win....His name was Bruce Lee..and while he really could fight...the dude was a movie star and his circle fights were always staged under bright lights and in front of cameras.

In real life, it's hard to protect your back fighting while standing in the middle. In real life, chaos takes over. Control breaks down. Most dimwitted masters of the universe stupid enough to fight everyone at the same time usually end up backed into a corner (think Custer at Little Big Horn), overwhelmed by the odds, getting their behinds handed to them. If they're lucky, they see a break in the crowd and bolt safely to daylight, hopefully living to fight another day.

But then isn't that what Lady Sarah does anyway...loses the election... blames McCain and his people for the loss...quits the qovernorship in mid stream... has a book written...sells it to her followers and refuses to talk to anyone save syncophantic followers who hang on every useless word that falls out of her mouth.

At the rate she is bad mouthing everyone...wouldn't it be logical, or at the very least, Karmic, for all the other sides to coalesce ...say on election day... quietly work some bipartisan magic and vote against the puppet master and her puppets...take them down..and then go back to fighting each other.

Stranger things have happened....


Earth Calling Tea Party-You May have a Problem Come Nov 2nd

If Sunday's crowd at Ohio State is any indication, the teabaggers, GOP and their faithful legion of professional pundits, pollsters and neighsayers may be a little off in their predictions of the election outcome on November 2nd.

The traveling village that is Obamaville was on full display yesterday, harking back to the giddy days of the campaign trail when the Obamas first rose to prominence in their Shermanesque march to DC. Obamaville is not your usual campaign rally. It's not the one that most national writers recognize when covering politics, such as this jaded professional master-of-the-universe-type, from the Politics Daily.

Like all of his compadres of the MSM, this writer went looking for business as usual politics and instead, finding Obamaville, concluded that Obama was literally spitting into the wind, with no chance in the midterm election in two weeks. They question the crowd count, and paint the laid back festive atmosphere as nothing more than a lack of engagement and passing interest, which will translate into no one showing up at the polls.

Yes, 35,000 uninterested people stood several hours in a field at Ohio State University, with no where to sit and nothing to do except talk to strangers, and share an absolutely perfect autumn day, waiting for the Commander in Chief, who was more than an hour late in arriving. However, the crowd was still filing in past security and protestors fully an hour and a half after the official start of the rally. As usual, the MSM looking for past signs and symbols of the old, missed the big picture of the change from 2008, painted on the canvas of 2010 displayed directly in front of them.

The MSM, the GOP and the teabaggers seem to be believing their own hype. In other words, if they tell us the lie long enough, that we will believe it, be demoralized by it and react accordingly, by staying away from the polls, and obediently hand them back their country. Hand it back, because they really have no plan to take it back legitimately.

There is nothing “usual” about an Obama campaign rally, and this one was no exception Obama rallies are more of an emotional ground swell that build slowly and increase exponentially until he steps into the spotlight. Even his wife, who introduced him takes second place when he takes over. Together they are a very potent force. One wonders when the MSM will see this and finally take note of their power 

Kids play, teenagers wander, parents wait, patiently talking amongst themselves until time to listen to the message. Quietly fired up and ready. Determined not to allow the GOP and their mini me teabagger wannabes take this country down a disastrous road of destruction. It's a quiet, steady confidence of what's right and should be, versus what's wrong and allowing it to continue unabated.

Sunday's theme was “Moving America Forward” away from the disastrous policies of the previous administration, and crafting an America that will be fruitful for coming generations. Obama was talking to the kids in the crowd and they heard him. To be sure he talks to voters, too. However the main message is about the future and the lives of the children and what it will take to reclaim the American dream for them.

Many of them in the crowd are too young to vote, but it didn't matter. They were listening now. I watched as rowdy, seemingly attention deprived kids ran around and played, amusing themselves with anything and anyone available, until the Obamas took to the stage. Then they stopped being potential discipline problems and started straining to see and hear. They asked their parents to lift them up so they could see their president.

I watched an Hispanic man with three kids lift one at a time to his shoulders to improve their view and having to rotate, first one child, then the next, then the next, simultaneously demanding their dad's attention. They wanted to see. Watched a little girl in purple dance enthusiastically to the music of McFadden and Whitehead, while seated on her dad's shoulders, lost in her own tiny revelry of happiness.

Kids perched in trees, taking pictures with their cell phones. Kids perched on temporary fences and barriers attempting to get a leg up for a better view-at least until the secret service or campus police chased them down.

Obamaville is a peaceful, happy village, exhibiting none of the fear and horror of the place daily portrayed by the MSM and the conservative right wing money groups funding the vitriolic wall to wall attack ads blanketing the media. This is not to say that Obamaville is ignoring or is ignorant of the activity of the GOP/teabaggers/MSM.

But it is like what the late, great Nina Simone said one time..”it's not that we don't like you...it's just that sometimes, we choose to ignore you.”

In other words, Obamaville knows you're there and will take the appropriate steps to deal with you and your fear mongering silliness, when the time comes.

We ain't sweatin' it...but you should be...


Friday Rap

The Pentagon has decided to honor the injunction putting a halt to Don't Ask Don't Tell...however the White House has apparently told the Justice Department to go ahead with an appeal of the ruling...

go figure...

Let it die Obama!....Doing right doesn't always have to be perfect....it just has to be done..

by whatever means necessary...


Pet insurance for government employees

Don't cha love it....Federal workers can buy pet insurance to take care of their animals but can't buy insurance to cover their same sex domestic partner...


Black Media summit at White House

Happened on Monday...Main Stream Media didn't like the session...but then they don't seem to get upset when Black Media is excluded from their meetings...otherwise known as White House Press Briefings which take place daily..

I mean why weren't these guys complaining all these years when Black reporters and media organizations were excluded from all the other press briefings?

Just like the White House...the press...the news media...reporters...whatever...it's all been overwhelmingly white...until now..

And you know what....it's still overwhelimingly white....in presentation and outlook...

Fox is not the only so called news organization that has a minority problem...check it out here.


Whoopi and Joy

walking off in the middle of an interview with Bill O'Reilly....was pure television drama...It was not professional on many levels nor for that matter was Barbara's diva reaction...

You don't have to keep reminding us that you're the boss Babs...we know this..

However...O'Reilly's condescending “I am master of the universe and you need to listen and learn” attitude pissed me off too. 

O'Reilly and his Facebook trolls routinely use condescension as a weapon...they know what it's all about..while you and your friends are “misguided” or “don't understand” or are “not tolerant” of diversity or other people's opinions...

And...we should be grateful that they are taking time out of their busy schedule to drive by our blogs or FB pages to talk to us and try to break down the “facts” for us...

Here's the only fact that matters....I'm not your wife or your mistress or your mother or your sister for that matter....so you know what you can do with your patronizing BS...pack it up and take your condescending ass back to troll land to worship at the altar for imaginary women who welcome your input and control..


Perez Hilton

is going to start being nice....no more outing people or bullying celebs...he made the promise yesterday on Ellen's show...

Well good for you...not that anyone other than clueless straights and those under aged 12 were paying attention in the first place....


Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate Rich Whitney is really getting screwed in Illinois..seems a typo of his name is going to appear on the ballot...instead of his given name it will read “rich whitey” ….

A cosmic freudian slip and apparently too late to fix the ballot....You can read all about it here.


Friday Music


GOP Anticipation

Wow! The Good Ole Party of No is sooooooooo sure it's got the mid term elections on lockdown, that it is already telling us, in real terms, what it plans to do over the next two years, starting in January..

They plan to:
  1. Abolish the public school system...not just the federal Department of Education..the whole system
  2. Privatize and cut back on Social Security
  3. Privatize and eliminate Medicare and Medicaid
  4. Eliminate Food Stamps for everyone
  5. Eliminate federal minimum wage right after they eliminate unemployment insurance
  6. Repeal Health Care Reform
  7. Repeal all new banking regulations or gut them back to what they were when Bush ran the country.
  8. Keep Don't Ask, Don't Tell in place
  9. Keep foreign money flowing secretly into GOP coffers
  10. Kick all brown immigrants out of the country
  11. Forever ban gay marriage
  12. Roll back all anti discrimination and anti affirmative action legislation
  13. Repeal all pro choice laws and ban birth control
  14. Repeal the 14th Amendment to the Constitution
  15. Bring back slavery, reinterpret the Constitution to allow for establishment of a national religion
Okay that last one would literally start a war.....but some of them think they can win that
too...they've armed for that one for a long time...they call it RAHOWA or racial holy war....google it if you don't believe me....

And, the coup de grace....they are going to try to impeach Obama....just like they did with
Clinton....WHY?....you ask...or HOW?

Don't matter....They will think of something...They don't need reasons...this is payback for putting a Black man in the White House...their house...as they see it.....

And who is making all these promises....ALL OF THEM...THE CANDIDATES...THE GOP/ TEABAGGERS....and they just know the Blue Dog Dems will help them out....this is their hole card..

Pick one... Pick a state....it's nationwide.....from Boehner and Iott, the Nazi...to Chrissy the Pooh....to Sharron “I am so confused” Angle...to Alaska Joe Miller....to Rand “maybe doctor-maybe not” Paul the younger....to Nikki “I did not have sex with that assistant” Haley....to Comb Over Steve Chabot...to Rob “I wrote Bush's Budget” Portman...to Ken “it's okay to F*** up women when they're drunk” Buck...to the Grand Dame of all....Lady Sarah...

All 18% of em....gonna take back their country....

Sitting quietly in the wings.....Mother Mitch McConnell...he of the sealed and secretive army discharge papers....to run things for the party with the help of Big Jim DeMint and Eric “somebody shot at me” Cantor...

Vote, people....don't talk...don't think...just vote...in person or by mail....


Celebrating Self-National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out day is a celebration of self by the LGBT community. It's been going on since 1988 as a day when lesbians and gays, bisexuals and transgenders promote awareness of what it means to live your life openly and honestly without fear, in still homophobic America and the rest of the world.

The event is observed around the world because dangerous homophobes...those who like to kill or maim gay people...are everywhere. Witness the brutal rapes of three men that took place in New York last week.

National Coming Out day is a time to reinforce empathy and humanity, passing on those traits to young people. It is a day to call attention to the inequities in the law, such as the current legality of evicting a gay person or firing a gay person from a job...simply because they are gay...

Reality in America 2010..

For me, a 60 year old Black, female, lesbian professional, it is a day of reflection. In the past couple of weeks, the ugly secrecy around youth suicide has been ripped away. We've lost 6 young people, that we know about, bullied by so called friends and classmates into believing that the only way to stop the pain, was to kill themselves. Childhood should not be painful, ever.

We've got candidates for the United States Senate...some of them incumbents....saying my kind are not fit to teach or to raise or adopt children or get married....Some say we suffer from an identity disorder while at the same time attempting to convince her potential constituents hat she does not deal in witchcraft.

There is a gubernatorial candidate proclaiming that all gays are dysfunctional...not like him...a bestiality loving...serial adulterer...blatantly racist...and father of a secret out of wedlock child that he hid for ten years from his wife. All this while claiming to be a Christian.

I guess his coming out day is an open acknowledgement that he is unable to be faithful to his wife.

We have so called men of god, married to women, yet closeted and hiding....living the life of a gay man or a woman in some cases......while telling people from the pulpit that being gay is a choice and can be changed at the drop of a hat or a prayer to their god.

If changing is so simple and being who you are is so wrong....why haven't you changed yourself? And the last time I read your bible, one of the so called sins that commanded the death penalty was adultery...even in the Ten Commandments...

We have powerful church organizations spending millions to keep civil rights inequality on the books while secretly condoning the illegal and bigamous actions of their parishoners.

We suffer under a government that refuses to recognize that the LGBT community daily pays the ultimate price by dying in illegal wars to protect people who openly hate them and wish nothing but ill will. Didn't we learn this lesson with Black Americans?

We have whole communities of people (Black, Hispanic, Asian) refusing to accept that homosexuality is just another part of the human sexual spectrum...one part...nothing more....

Kind of like being left handed in a right handed world...different...but not wrong....more than likely genetic...

I know that some world class golfers (Phil Mickleson) and at least two world class tennis players (Rafa Nadal to name one) decided they could make more money by playing left handed. But the fact remains that they are still natural right handers...born right handed.... regardless of how they play their game.

The same holds true for gays and lesbians and transgenders. We may act straight...look straight (whatever that may be)...live straight..marry straight...however it does not change the fact that we are natually homosexual.

Homosexuality runs in families like other genetic traits...Brothers and sisters both gay and lesbian..from the same mother and father...happens..

National Coming Out Day, this year coincides with Columbus Day...that great American lie to the world that a white man who went to his grave believing he'd landed in Asia...”discovered” America. Columbus got lost...never made it to America which had been peopled with Native Americans for more than 11,000 years before the white man built his ocean going boats.

As Americans we need to “come out” and admit that we celebrate a fool. Better yet...let's cancel this holiday altogether or replace it with something real...like Americans Honoring Native Americans or National Coming Out Day or Mathew Shepard Day or James Byrd Day...or the day that President Obama canceled Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

However, as bad as things may seem according to the mainstream media, it is getting better and will continue to get better, because like racists, the homophobes are dying out and the teabaggers...while being a nuisance...really are temporary in the national scheme of things.

So my comemoration of National Coming Out Day is to end this ramble by coming out again and standing before you in all my 60 year old nakedness.....

I am a Black Female, Lesbian, Left handed, Liberal, freelance writer who votes...American as apple pie....and proud as hell..


Friday Rap

Watching Rick Sanchez do his mea culpa for telling the truth, on morning television...Why are white people always so surprised when a minority snaps and bites back?

The usual question is...”well...you've done this or been that for nearly 30 years, why now?”....as if longevity makes the repeated slights and slapdowns any easier to take...”get used to it bro”....right..

Note to white guys still in charge....The most dangerous minority in America is not that young black fool on the corner with a gun....it's the minority in the corporate office who fought his way to the top to become the diversified window dressing to prove how non racial you guys are..

Diversified window dressing is not the same as being HWMIC...your crumbs and one minority promotion every 30 or so years is not enough to prove how unbiased you are....


Question for the MSM...... And how many Black, Asian or Hispanic prime time news anchors are there working today.....since you guys are the ones throwing stones at everyone else?


Lou Dobbs....getting a dose of his own medicine....on GMA today defending his hiring record for workers that may or may not have been undocumented workers from countries south of the border....

Chill out man...you really are not as important as you have come to believe...But you can still run for office....if you choose....go ahead throw you tea soaked hat into the ring...


Elizabeth Hasselbeck to become a contributor on Good Morning America...the head man said she “fits exactly what they need on morning television..

What.....they needed another skinny, conservative blond in the mix given all the brunettes? They've got Sam...what's wrong with him....too smart...too capable....too...well..not married for their tastes....

Won't you be glad when the guys in charge get over their fixation on Barbie Dolls?


Why is nobody talking about the penis pictures that Brett Favre reportedly sent to a woman half his age? You can read it here.

She said he sent them...but she doesn't do “old and married”.....good for her...

Shoulda retired last year Brett...


The Root- Leadership List

The Root.com, a website founded by Skip Gates and aimed at Black Americans conducted a poll on Facebook last night, asking FB people to choose between Kanye West and LeBron James..

In other words...which one should be considered a leader in the black community...

Are they serious?

These under educated self centered....”I am me and me is the world” types are not leaders...

They are entertainers and should be treated as such...

The quiz was an insult...but then so is Skip Gates..to most things Black...I'm not questioning his 25% hold on his African American status...

But I do take issue with the thought patterns that generated this so called leadership survey..


Hey Chrissy the Pooh....I'm not a witch either....but I've dated a few....check the rhyme...

Queen Pen and Me'Shell Ndegeochello.


Portman Lies

About His Record and Ohio....

Since this latest campaign season kicked into full gear, the GOP led by former Bush budget director and career politician Rob Portman, has been running a series of ads claiming Ohio has lost 400,000 jobs in the past four years under Governor Ted Strickland and Lt. Governor Lee Fisher.

Most of these ads are bought and paid for by various political pacs and groups funded by right wing billionaires such as Rupert Murdoch, who owns FOX News, the Koch Brothers, and the Coors Beer Family to name a few. These are the same billionaires trying to control the country by funding the tea party movement and their batty candidates.

What all these ads have in common are professional actors in supposedly  every day situations talking about how Strickland, Fisher, Driehaus and the Democrats have killed Ohio's economy, by losing jobs, “busting the budget,” or outsourcing work to Texas and then El Salvador.

These ads end by stating that Ohio's unemployment rate is above the national average. That's true. It is.

But what is not true is this....Strickland and Fisher did not lose 400,000 manufacturing jobs on their four year watch.

What happened on their watch was a continuation of what began a decade ago under the GOP. The job loss....all 379, 900 of them...began in 2006...before Lee Fisher and Ted Strickland took office. This according to the Department of Labor Statistics.

The real truth is that Ohio has been hemorhaging jobs since 2000, until June of this year, when the jobs started to come back. The net loss was 568,000 jobs since the year 2000.

The ominous ads would have you believe that Rob Portman is the good guy in all this. Heck, from the ads you'd be hard pressed to know this guy was even a politician in the first place.

The ads always portray him in jeans and a button down shirt...never in a suit as if he actually did some work on Capital Hill where congressmen work.

Rob Portman was a Congressman for 10 years until Dubya tapped him to be budget director and oversee the Bush tax cuts for rich people.

Portman is working diligently to keep those tax cuts in place despite the fact they will cost Americans 3 trillion dollars more on the deficit if they stay in place.

Now, that is truly "budget busting" as the ads like to trumpet.

He also spent one year as US trade representative overseeing the export of all those manufacturing jobs to China and the rest of the third world.

Portman voted for NAFTA, which is directly responsible for allowing corporations to ship jobs overseas.

He supported the Bush tax cuts, which resulted in the $128 billion dollar surplus in the budget under Clinton being siphoned off to the deficits that it reflects today.

Portman also left time in his scheduled to trash women, gays and Blacks....his voting record does nothing to help minorities...women apparently don't deserve equal health care....the LGBT community does not need to be protected from bigots or allowed to marry and raise families...and Black people don't deserve basic civil rights.

Far from being an outsider....Portman is very comfortable in the halls of Congress. He is a professional politician....past...present and future....


Why I Won't Vote for Steve Chabot

He's a republican running against Steve Driehaus, who is seeking re-election this year, having defeated Chabot two years ago, to represent the first district of Ohio.

Chabot is anti woman. He is anti affirmative action. He's not a racist, just against anything that helps Black people. He is anti gay.  He favors the do nothing politics of the GOP that has this country in trouble. In fact, during the Bush Administration, Steve Chabot played a big part in wreaking economic havoc on this country.

While in office the last time, Chabot voted against legislation designed to end discrimination against the LGBT community. He supports DOMA or the Defense of Marriage Act. Chabot says there should be a constitutional amendment mandating the marriage only exists between a man and a woman. He voted to enact a ban on gay people to prevent them from adopting children in DC, in 1999.

Chabot wanted a constitutional amendment to criminalize desecration of the flag.

Chabot is anti civil rights in nearly all votes.

However, he likes his corporations and has a 90% record of upholding the rights of overpaid CEOs and those on Wall Street.

On crime, Chabot favors more prisons, more enforcement less prisoner rehabilitation services and a stiffer death penalty.

On drugs, he voted against giving Mexico more funding to battle the drug cartels, while favoring using the military on the Mexican border. He voted against needle exchange programs and medical marijuana in DC, while voting for random drug testing of all federal employees.

As far as education goes, Chabot likes charter schools which is little more than privatizing education for the masses, but he doesn't like public school education nor grants and federal funding of historically black colleges and universities or hispanic colleges. He voted against 84 million dollars in this type of funding in 2006.

Steve Chabot hasn't seen a green energy project that he likes, having voted against most alternatives that don't include foreign oil or domestic oil, for that matter. It's safe to say he is not an environmentalist either.

Chabot would be right at home in Arizona with its current anti immigrant stance. Chabot favors building a fence on the Mexican border. However he has no problem with the Canadian border. He wants to make english the official language of America.

Steve Chabot is pro birth (my term)...not pro life...like his pro life cronies...Chabot doesn't care about the child once it's born, only that it gets born, thereby controlling women, relegating them to birth machines. This is my main point of contention with his opponent Steve Driehaus, too. However, Driehaus voted for health care reform, which is a start for equalizing health care for women.

Chabot is against health care reform and wants to repeal the law.
Chabot also favors privatizing social security and wants to keep the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%.