Friday Rap

The Other White Bread State...Oklahoma overrode the Governor's veto of the anti woman legislation and now this discrimination is law. This law requires women seeking an abortion to undergo an invasive and unnecessary ultrasound and then sit while a doctor explains it to them for at least an hour.

Another clause in this bill makes it okay for a doctor to lie and withhold information about the fetus' health, birth defects, etc...the point being to make the woman go forward with the birth regardless of the consequences. The clause protects doctors from being sued for withholding vital information to the woman.

And there are no provisions of protection for women who have been raped or victimized by incest.

Keep it up out west and the only way I'm gonna get to California from here is through the Panama Canal.


Tiger Woo

Now we know why he has the energy to bed 121 other women besides his wife during his marriage..he's juiced...or at least that's what many of his cohorts on the PGA tour believe.

Must be some explanation....it certainly can't be that the brown guy is so much better than all the bland, colorless wannabes on the golf course

Problem is Tiger's doctor, or one of them, anyway, has big ties to BALCO, which is the company that took down Marion Jones..lotta smoke...and where there's smoke...there is probably some fire. You can read it here.


Delusional Women of the Week

Delusional women.....Rielle Hunter....Jan Brewer....and that fool of a television anchor who thought she was making a funny, but ended up setting stupidity back 200 years...

Sarah Palin, Virginia Fox and Michele Bachmann are emeritus in this category, by the way....


Freddy Kruger Lives!

Some movies should never be remade....Freddy Kruger never died once he came to life in the original Nightmare on Elm Street. He permanently resides in our heads, right next door to Mother from Psycho, the things that came out of The FOG, the Tooth fairy in Darkness Falls, the demons in the Exorcist or that damn shark in JAWS. Check out review here.


Pigs and Horses Weekend in the Buckeye State

Kentucky Derby-my money's always on the filly...Devil May Care...and I love Mint Juleps...this is my recipe...makes one at a time...or multiply and make a pitcher..up to you

8 mint leaves

splash of spring water

1 ounce simple syrup (see recipe below)

2 ounces Makers Mark or Southern Comfort or bourbon or mash of your choice

Equal parts sugar and water-mess with it til it tastes good to you

Crushed ice.

How to make it:
Put mint leaves in bottom of a rocks (tall ) glass
Splash in some spring water or club soda, if you wish
Mash the leaves with wooden spoon to release the mint oil (this is called muddling)
Pour in an ounce of simple syrup (recipe to follow)
Fill glass with crushed ice
Add two ounces of bourbon
give it a quick stir
garnish with mint leaves
Simple Syrup: Place one cup of sugar (white or brown, your choice) in one cup of water into a pan and bring to boil. Let boil for five minutes until the sugar is dissolved..let cool..store in fridge.
You can make the syrup ahead of time.

Don't like mint juleps..then go to your wine store and buy a German Riesling..either a kabinett or spatlese for the right amount of sweetness to compliment your food...ribs...chicken...grilled salmon and veggies..

Will get you through the Flying Pig Marathon, too, if you're not running. 15,000 runners taking to the streets this weekend in Cincinnati...some of them wear wings and pig costumes.. some man is supposed to be running in a diaper this year.....a real street party...


Ohio Set to Follow Arizona's Lead

Ohio lawmakers set to take up similar legislation to bill passed in Arizona.

If Butler County Sheriff Rick Jones and a Hamilton, Ohio GOP representative, get their way, state law in Ohio will soon mimic the travesty of justice going on in Arizona. Jones is behind a bill that was introduced into the Ohio House last year, mandating that all employers check social security numbers of all potential employees against the federal registry before hiring them to work.

In fact, Jones has conducted a personal crusade against suspected illegals for the past several years, until the feds politely told him to knock it off and let them do their job. Hence the creation of the bill now pending in the state legislature. You can read more about it here. Jones is quoted as saying he supports the Arizona law and wants to toughen the measure now stalled in Columbus.

In Arizona, Governor Jan, is hiding behind a small clause in her new anti immigrant bill that states her police force will not stop people just for looking funny or different from “regular” Arizonans. According to Governor Brewer her police will only ask for documentation during routine police stops for other reasons. However, like everything else in America, the devil is in the details or small print. There is another clause that literally criminalizes breathing in Arizona if you don't have a license or citizenship papers. It says;

“a person is guilty of trespassing, by merely being “present on any public or private land in this (Arizona) states, while lacking authorization to be in the United States.”

Other states have tried to legalize their xenophobic tendencies in the past. Texas, back in the 1980s tried to bar immigrant children from public schools. The Carter Administration challenged the law and eventually won out by a 5-4 vote of the United States Supreme Court. The same thing is likely to happen to this law in Arizona.

This time around, however, there may be a slight problem if this controversy makes it to SUPCO. Buried in the writings of Chief Justice John Roberts is a letter, offering his opinion on the court case striking down the Texas law. This letter written before Roberts was appointed to the high court, finds fault with the decision killing the Texas law. Let's hope the politicos come to their senses before it lands in Robert's lap. Wonder if a Chief Justice has ever recused himself from a case? Don't know. But I doubt it.

Remember it took possible loss of the Superbowl to get Arizona to reinstate the Martin Luther King Holiday, maybe an economic boycott is the best way to handle the situation. Boycotts have worked very well...ask my city. Cincinnati has weathered two boycotts....one from Blacks over the 2004 killing of an unarmed young Black man by police and subsequent riot in the streets...and from the LGBT community for enacting discriminatory laws against gay people.

Cincinnati officials refuse to say how much money was lost, but we do know it was a lot, and the biggest hit was taken over convention bookings. Nobody wanted to hold conventions in the Queen City for a long time...until things seemingly changed toward the two respective communities.

Cincinnati police are actually wearing cameras on their hats now to document their actions, while the laws against gays and lesbians have been taken off the books...the direct result of pressure both internally and externally.

So rather than joining the planned marches in Arizona to be led by Reverend Al, maybe Ohioans need to clean up their own backyard and head to Hamilton for an eye to eye meet with Sheriff Rick.


Help Bring President Obama to Clark Montessori

Clark Montessori Needs You!

Clark Montessori was selected as one of six finalists from thousands of entries nationwide. The contest is to determine whether President Obama will deliver the Clark High School Commencement Address!

On Monday, April 26, the White House will open public voting for finalists in the Race to the Top High School Commencement Challenge.

To vote for Clark Montessori, go here between Monday, April 26 at 8:00 a.m. (EST) and Thursday, April 29 at 11:59 p.m. (EST).

As part of the contest, Clark Montessori prepared a 3-minute video describing how it is a model of educational success for other high schools around the country. Students will showcase how the school engages students in learning, fosters personal responsibility and academic excellence, and prepares students to graduate college and be career ready to meet the President’s 2020 goal of having the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.A team of seniors at Clark Montessori worked with representatives from The Get Schooled Foundation– which includes Viacom and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation among its founding partners – to produce the video that will be used during the voting process from April 26-29.

The video, along with the school’s written application, will be featured on the White House Web site and the public will have an opportunity to select Clark Montessori as one of three finalists that best meet the President’s goal. President Obama will select a national winner from the three finalists and will visit the winning high school to deliver the commencement address this spring. Clark Montessori was among only six finalists selected from thousands of entries nationwide.

Log on to and cast your vote for Clark Montessori today! Vote here!

Cast your vote
for Clark Montessori today! Go here to cast your vote !

Log on to: www.whitehouse.gov/commencement


Arizona the Sundown State

ANNA, Illinois....
Harrision County, Arkansas....
Forsyth County, Georgia
East Los Angeles, California
Darien, Connecticut
Norwood, Ohio
Livonia, Michigan
Parma, Ohio
Greenhills, Ohio
Cicero, Illiniois
Cedar Key, Florida

These are all Sundown Towns....What, you ask, is a Sundown Town....It is a town, city, county, or neighborhood that has conducted and continues to legally conduct ethnic cleansing inside its borders. Many of them actually had signs at their borders or displayed prevalently stating "Don't let sundown catch you inside city limits." In America, most Sundown Towns cleansed their area of Blacks, up until it was made illegal by the Feds by the Civil Rights Law passed in 1986.

It wasn't just Blacks..Sundown Towns routinely banished any minority they didn't want in their town. The tactic is used against Jews, Chinese, Native Americans and Hispanics. There is a town in Nevada that used to blow a factory whistle at 6pm everyday to signal to Native Americans that it was time to get out of town or suffer the consequences...

Anna, Illinois, to this day, is an anagram that means “Ain't No Niggas Allowed...

Forsyth County gave Blacks 48 hours to leave, period...they have not returned. This back in 1912.

In 1970 Warren Michigan, which is a suburb of Detroit had a population of 180,000. And of that 180,000 only 28 families were minority of any kind.....and they lived on a nearby military base.

Little Italy in New York periodically erupts with racial violence whose only purpose to to keep it ethnically pure for the Italians immigrants whose descendants live there now.

And now, Arizona has extended the Sundown rule to an entire state, by telling all illegal aliens to vacate the borders, effective immediately.

Don't think that Arizona has resurrected an old solution to an old so called problem. In California for the past couple of years, Hispanic gang bangers have been killing Blacks, chasing them out of what the Hispanics perceive as their neighborhood. But there has been no outcry, primarily because the problem is seen as a turf war between rival gangs who happen to be of different color....Brown on Black crime....a closer looks shows it goes deeper than that...

By opting for this solution..Arizona has taken it to a whole new level and has unleashed its police force against a segment of the population in direct violation of federal law. The new Arizona law makes racial profiling legal and blatantly goes against several tenants of the Constitution.

For instance, Only Congress can mandate what defines an illegal alien in America.

Only Federal Immigration Police can make an immigration arrest. In Butler County, Ohio the county sheriff tried to take matters into his own hands...this just a year ago...the feds rained down on his parade and made him step back..Butler County is just up the road from Cincinnati, Ohio...

Soliciting for a job, in other words, working day labor, is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

In signing this law the Governor stated that racial profiling would not be tolerated...Well if that is the case...how are the police to do their job?

For instance....are they going after illegal Germans...illegal Serbs...Pols...or Russians? How about Canadians who slipped across the border and decided to stay?

What about Africans....Senegalese..Nigerians...Kenyans..Ugandans...Ethopians....
What about Chinese, Korean and Phillipinos?

Or are they going to be instructed to look for Spanish speakers...brown/red people....little brown/red people with straight black hair who dress funny in an unamerican way?

How about the visiting Puerto Rican? Most Americans act like Ricans are foreigners..when they're actually native born Americans...because Puerto Rico is American soil...just like Guam and Samoa..

I'd love to see some bad ass with a badge walk up on some big Samoan guy with a bad attitude and ask him to prove his citizenship.

What about biracials....those people of a nonspecific color and ethnicity? Will they have to prove their citizenship, now...just for looking Sarah Palin UnAmerican or John McCain UnArizonan?

This is going to play out over the next several months. But I really, really wish my president wouldn't just study the matter or order the Justice Department to “look into” the matter.

I would love for my president to do something presidential like tell that lady asshole of a governor to stay the order or risk Federal Troops setting up camp on her pristine statehouse lawn.

I know it's not his style...but sometimes everyone should think outside the box and be like Nike...

Just fucking do it...


Friday Rap

Burger King is offering mimosas with ciabatta sandwiches in certain markets across the country, testing out something called a Burger King Brunch...

Problem is the mimosa is alcohol free...bummer...what's the point...the only reason to drink mimosas in the first place is for the champagne and vodka....otherwise it's just orange juice in a small glass, with cherries floating on top, or I guess since it's Burger King, a small plastic cup for take out...


Word comes today that the Security and Exchange Commission was busy getting its masturbatory swerve on instead of monitoring Wall Street and all the Berni Madoff's stealing money from people.

Seems lots and lots of senior management spent their days playing with themselves and downloading porn on the office computers. You can read it here. Senior manager at the SEX er, SEC accessed porn sites on their computers more than 16,000 times in just one month. Randy bunch of bastards and one lady. Porn is equal opportunity on the web..


Question: Where are the Tea Party protests on Wall Street? How come the teabaggers don't get mad when fat cats steal poor folks blind or nearly bankrupt this country and put everybody out of work?

Corruption is not only the government....it's corporate, too....like the banks... or like the guys who shipped all the manufacturing jobs overseas, while keeping their personal stash in offshore accounts. So they won't have to pay income taxes.

These dudes even sent TARP stimulus money overseas to build bigger and better third world operations to ensure they don't have to bring the jobs back to America...enabled by the double dealing politicians in congress..these dudes don't care about your broke ass..

One last note on the Tea Party....here in Cincinnati the Teabaggers don't like being called teabaggers because they say it is an offensive name...well...knowing human nature for what it is, why would any rational, thinking person name their upstart sorta grass roots organization with a descriptive term that with virtually no manipulation can be construed as a sex act in the first place...you know...you just gotta know...that other name was going to surface and stick in this double entendre universe..

aw shucks...double entendre is French and these jokers believe in "unschooling" their kids...now I get it...


Cops in New York patting themselves on the back because of Operation Phoenix. The covert action was mapped out to take illegal guns off the streets and it was apparently very successful.

I'm waiting for the day when somebody will go after the good ole boys who buy guns down south where weapons are cheap and easy and then transport them up north or to other parts of the country for sale to the gangbangers on the streets.

The system is fixed so the brown and black gangbangers can't buy guns outright...so where do you think they get them?

I'll give you a hint...some good ole boy goes into a gun store where he's welcome...buys up a bunch of pieces...sells them out of the back of his truck to all those urban savages, so they can kill each other..then he goes home where he and his friends can talk and cuss about the lawlessness of the big city, wondering why the police can't get a handle on the situation..

Clue: the cops will get a handle when they stop profiling and start going after the white sellers along with the stupid killers. That is equal opportunity police work.

But then again...it's just like America...fighting two wars against an enemy that gets its guns from America. Blame the colored guys, while ignoring white guy complicity....


Cue Gloria Gaynor, “At first I was afraid, I was petrified, thinking I could never live without you by my side”

Rooster lays eggs-literally...seems this rooster started laying eggs and trying to hatch them after all other hens in the yard died in a blitz attack from some predator animal. Scientists said they've never seen a rooster change sex before.

What's that line from Jurassic Park...mother nature will always find a way...yes, she will!


The Original Birther Movement

Or how to legally torture women in Oklahoma

So, your daughter has unprotected sex with her randy biker boyfriend. Or your 12 year old gets raped and knocked up by your perv uncle who is staying with you for a while after getting out of jail. Or that parish priest from the chapel down the street has been paying special attention to your mentally impaired 16 year old daughter during confession and she now has a celestial bun in the oven.

What cha gonna do when having the child is not an option?

Well, whatever you decide, you better hope you don't live in Oklahoma, because lawmakers have decided that torturing women who want or need an abortion is okay. Can you imagine being a woman who's been violently and sexually assaulted wanting to endure something else jammed into her body?

If Oklahoma lawmakers get their way, that is exactly what will happen. These idiots, both democrat and republican..male and two females...have written a law requiring women who want an abortion for whatever reason, to undergo an invasive procedure called a vaginal ultrasound probe. No other state or country requires this.

The lawmakers justify the invasive medical procedure as necessary in order to give the woman more information about the fetus. To make sure she understands, the law mandates the doctor to explain it to them in depth.

Doesn't matter if she was kidnapped and held captive for 20 years...doesn't matter if it's a 9 year old girl used and abused by her demented father or brother...doesn't matter if the neighborhood perv is keeping runaways in the dungeon under his basement for his sexual pleasure and he impregnates one or two over the years.

The resulting fetus is more important than the mental or physical health of the women and girls and should therefore be protected by any means necessary. The women or sperm incubators to use a better term for the way they think about women and girls....are merely collateral damage.

The goal is babies born at all costs...no one cares if they survive the birth and make it out of the delivery room, or have a viable life afterward...the only point is to get born...and then it's on to saving the next fetus....the woman, discarded, not deserving of another thought.

Anti choice lawmakers, the original birther movement.

Other parts of these proposals force women to fill out a long, long questionnaire survey full of useless questions designed solely to intimidate and invade privacy, like the woman's age, race, education, number of previous pregnancies, and why she wants an abortion.

The law would also ban wrongful life lawsuits against doctors and the government from parents who might try to argue that a child with terminal birth defects would have been better off aborted.

And any insurance exchanges created by the new health care reform will not pay for abortion or other choice procedures.

You know the old saw which pegs the definition of crazy as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results?

Well, the aforementioned lawmakers have tried for the past several years, to pass these same bills over and over again, only to have them struck down by the courts as unconstitutional.

They don't seem to get the message.



Patriot Day in America

I really need to know what some people in this country are smokin' to get high. I mean, they must be high right, to act the way they do? Last week, the polls showed the confusion within the Tea Bag movement, where the sign carriers claimed they aren't racist, they like and want to keep their social programs like medicare and social security, they aren't looking for jobs because they don't need them, yet, they are extremely angry and are taking to the streets in protest.

Well, today is Patriot's Day in some parts of the country. Patriot's Day commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord that started the Revolutionary War back in 1775. Through the years other not so patriotic events have occurred on this day including, domestic terrorist bomber Tim McVeigh's killing of 168 Americans in Oklahoma City. McVeigh was ticked off by what happened in Waco Texas at the Branch Davidian Compound on this day. April 19th is also the day of the bungled FBI raid on Ruby Ridge, when the feds went after white supremacist Randy Weaver.

Some self proclaimed patriots, like the gun happy Restore the Constitution people are rallying in a state park to celebrate, as close to DC as they can, to show the government they like their guns and weapons and don't intend to give them up without a fight.

Not that anybody asked them to.

During today's five hour rally on federal ground, they can carry their guns in the holster, on their hip, and their rifles slung on their backs with no bullets in them. They have to rally in Maryland within site of the Capitol because DC has very heavy restriction on guns inside city limits.

Ever since Obama took office these folks have been buying up bullets and guns so fast, you'd think the Soviet Union was back together and was martialing forces just off the coast of Nova Scotia, preparing to invade America and take this country by force.

However, recent gun history in America, reveals the loosening gun laws over the past several years. The Supreme Court has already rejected DC's gun law as too harsh, Congress is set to eliminate the DC gun law altogether, and President Obama signed the new gun law that allows these folks to carry guns inside national parks.

In other words, the man who is being excoriated for trying to take away their guns, actually is the one who put those guns into their cold hands to begin with. As a matter of fact, the number of states that allow for concealed carry has risen from just 9, twenty years ago to 37 in 2010.

Maybe it's not something they are ingesting...maybe it's in the air... maybe Obama Derangement Syndrome is real......maybe I need to buy a gas mask or helmet for protection. Whatever it is, these guys are preparing for a war that no one has yet declared.

Which brings me to the other thing happening today. Last year, a group of people got together in Illinois at what they called a constitutional convention. These people drafted what they say are 14 articles of freedom.

They are presenting these articles to all lawmakers today at around 2 o'clock at state capitals around the country. You can go here to read them. I will refer to them as “they” because frankly, I don't know who these people are. I wasn't invited to their convention. I didn't take part in the crafting of the 14 articles of freedom, and I don't know anybody who did.

So who are these people purporting to speak for me, someone who has voted in every single primary and election in which she has been eligible to take part. That act alone has put me on every list possible for inclusion in making decisions about this country.

Yet, I wasn't even asked to participate. They didn't ask...but I'm a tell em anyway..

Their introduction states they want to adhere to the priniciples spelled out by the Declaration of Independence. But do they understand that the Declaration was a dream...it was not the reality and never has been....same for the Constitution....a foundation and a beginning...not the final drawing to shape the country.

Think about it....the founding fathers wrote both the Declaration and the Constitution for white men with property, period.....not poor people....not women....not Native Americans and certainly not Blacks, free or otherwise...Blacks were not human and enslaved...women were chattel with perks in today's parlance...and Native Americans were a nuisance and in the way of white domination and expansion in the new world.

Eleven of the first 13 men who were elected president of the United States were slave owners. Yet they based their documents on the phrases “we the people” and “all men are created equal.” It was a dream in the making, set far off into the future.

They were smart enough to realize that the future changes and so must their founding documents, change to coincide with changes in the population, hence amendments to the Constitution are sometimes necessary.

Living in the past, is living in pain. You can't go back.

Real patriots, understand that.


Friday Rap

Fox bags Hannity in Cincinnati

Without FOX News Sean Hannity, the Cincinnati Tea Bag Party, which claims to represent the majority of Cincinnatians, like the national organization alleges it represents all of real America, couldn't fill a college stadium last night for it's big tax day rally.

According to reports, about 7500 people showed, down from the estimated 15,000 expected.

Hannity was pulled reportedly because Fox didn't want him doing a paid gig to benefit a political organization. Seems someone on corporate level thought that a journalist headlining a paid political event is something of a conflict of interest.

Really? Ya Think?

And please, can someone tell me what the teabaggers are protesting. Their taxes went down...the polls say they really do like their social programs like medicare, medicaid and social security...and they are mostly retired..so they are not in the job market...and they already have more money than anyone else...

So what is their problem..hmmmmmmmmmmmm?


Lou Dobbs for President

Another wannabe...thinks because he talks a good game, that he's ready for the majors...Note to Lou...those who can...do...those who can't....go into the media and become commentators...keep your day job, man...keep your day job...


Jackie Robinson legacy

63 years after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball, many are sounding the alarm about the dwindling number of black Americans playing baseball, these days. The teams are filled with dark men of color, but most of them are from the Caribbean, central or south America..few of them are American born, so the appearance of baseball is deceptive.

Many are calling for programs to get American blacks interested in the game again, which is all well and good, I guess. But I want to know where are the programs for regular Black guys to get into living in general.

Face it...the American Black man is virtually invisible in America today. Oh, we have a Black president in the White House. We have an NFL and an NBA full of big Black guys playing with balls. We have prisons full of young stupid Black guys who dropped out of school, trying to make a quick score and ended up “got” instead.

We have the hip hop life of young men, some of whom are talented making bank, but many more one hit wonders, in debt up to their eyeballs to some white man's record corporation, or dead in the streets attempting to live out some ridiculous gangsta fantasy.

But where are the programs to convince Black guys that education is the key.

Where are the programs that integrate the construction industry. finally. I walk all over Cincinnati, past big time construction projects downtown, the bridges are being painted, Cincinnati's soon to be tallest building is going up...and all I see are white guys and Hispanic guys working on the structures...no Black guys...Cincinnati public schools are building more new schools...plural....yet...no Black guy construction workers....it's so bad the useless NAACP is leading protest marches and getting arrested like back in the day.

What up Cincinnati...we got a Black Mayor...is that enough? Don't make me answer that question...

Why is this the reality in the 21st century? Why are we more concerned about the lack of Black baseball players rather than the lack of Black men as providers for their families and role models, real role models for their own children?

We don't need anymore LeBron James or Jackie Robinsons for that matter.....we need another WEB DuBois, Carter G. Woodson, Charles Ogletree, or a Robert Johnson with brains...


Rocky Mountain Insanity

Colorado Court says it's okay for Colorado college students to carry guns on campus...That's a great idea considering how well these young students behave so responsibly having proven their ability to multi task so effectively....like driving while texting or partying while fugged up. Guess if they can study with their eyes closed, then they ought to be able to shoot with their eyes open, right?

Nothing like having an ecstasy fueled or testosterone driven 19 year old with gun strapped to his side.

What next...tricycles with built in rifle racks?


White House Closet Jitters

The White House apparently has no trouble putting gays and lesbians in highly visible governmental positions. However it seems to be bothered when somebody tries to yank the closet door open on those LGBT people who have not yet gone public with their preferences.

Seems there is a dust up about whether or not maybe Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagen is a lesbian. CBS News wrote and then retracted the story yesterday. You can check it out here.

Despite being highly touted, Obama hasn't named anybody yet for the SUPCO vacancy. Matter of fact, he can't name anyone until July, after the current session ends. Second, the White House claims that allegations of Kagen being a lesbian, are simply false.

I just have to ask...in the aftermath of the Tiger Woods, Tiki Barber, Sandra Bullock, Melissa Etheridge and now Larry King, why are journalists suddenly reticent to talk about someone's sexual preferences?

Is it deference to the solicitor general, which Kagen is.....or are we still as a society covertly and uncomfortably homophobic, despite the efforts to install real civil rights for LGBT people...

And by the way...Thank you Obama for the hospital visiting privileges..


Un American? You Betcha!

Just a couple of days before the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma bombing that killed 168 people, comes word that frustrated Oklahoma Tea Baggers are going to form their own militia to protect themselves against what they say are federal infringements upon states rights.

You can check out the story here.

Can't you just feel their frustration. I mean, how long has the Tea Party movement been around-a whole five or six months? They got active with TARP and health care reform? They don't even date back as a party to when Obama was sworn in....Didn't exist in January 2009.

Yet, they're frustrated.

Frustrated enough to want to form their own personal army to do what? Take back their country? I'm just reading their signs from their rallies. That's what a lot of the signs say...at least the ones in between calling Obama dirty names and demanding he move to Africa..he's from Hawaii, by the way..

What I want to know is, why aren't the feds taking these threats more seriously? It's not like they haven't had practice dealing with so called un American or seditious behavior.

To this day, wearing red, black and green, or sporting the symbols of the Nation of Islam, or just saying you're a member of the Black Panther Party, will have the feds setting up camp in your dining room.

You will be watched, followed, profiled, strip searched, if you don't answer them properly before they tase your ass. And god knows you better not have a gun or anything that looks like a gun within 20 feet of your person. COINTELPRO was and remains real.

Those seeking social justice and change in the federal government were told to “love America, or leave it,” back in the day, by these same frustrated super patriots.

Go back to Africa...we've been hearing that a lot lately..well since Obama made it to the White House, anyway.

But they're frustrated...frustrated enough to carry guns in public...frustrated enough to spit on congressmen....frustrated enough to secede from the union....frustrated enough to want to form their own army and take...back...their....country....

The crackdown on Black America for even thinking about this type of stuff , let alone attempting to carry it out, was swift and brutal. And there weren't any lawmakers dreaming up laws or ways to circumvent the Constitution in our favor.

Where is the federal retaliation for these overt tea bagger actions against the government...vocally and visibly against the government...actively against the government?

Why is it that Black people get dead for doing this stuff and white people get written up in the media and egged on by congressmen?

Who decides which activity is un American for some, but not un American for others? What is the difference between Black nationalism and white nationalism, because that's what this is...

Why is actively praying for Obama's death okay? Is it because the pray-ers claim to be Christian?

And if that is the case, then what is the difference between these so called Christians and the Taliban or any other extremist terrorist group, for that matter?

Why are these white militants being treated with kid gloves when they are actively seeking the overthrow of America?

Can't sugar coat this crap...these people are trying to form their own army.

That's not subterfuge..nor covert....that's rebellion, pure and simple.


On Great White Hopes and the American Way

You knew it was coming, as soon as Phil Mickleson sank his putt on 18 and wrapped up his third green jacket, that the sports writers had found their Great White Hope.

Tiger Woods, the 21st century Jack Johnson, who dominates the white man's sport, screws his women by double digit numbers, sometimes on the same day, even marries one and figuratively spits on her in the eyes of the world, got his comeuppance this weekend.

He lost...finished fourth....in the Masters.

As soon as Mickleson won, from the mouth of sportscaster Jim Nantz, it became a win for the ages..."that's a win for the family." Nantz said.

Mickleson's wife and mother are both battling cancer....his very blond wife pulled herself out of bed to watch her man win....and he gratefully dissolved into tears, crying into her shoulders.

While Jack, er Tiger's wife Elin...well, she was off in Sweden with the kids and her family...still hiding and suffering from the embarrassment and trauma that her man put her through.

American family values, on display for the world to see. All is now right with the golfing world. Ah, yes, the American way.

Let me say, I don't like Tiger Woods...never did....don't know him, never wanted to meet him...he always seemed very immature, not likeable and very arrogant....not the kind of negativity that I welcome into my world....However.... While I absolutely love his command of the game.... personally, I can leave him on the course when he's done. And I don't feel sorry for him now.

Over the years, as I watched and I saw, or surmised that most of the other golfers on the course with him, felt the same way. Maybe it was the insider knowledge that they had about him. They never seemed to like him...envy him...yes......marvel at him...yes...but like him...don't think so...

You can't make me believe that the other golfers didn't know that Tiger was dropping his pole in every lake he drove by. They were all too quiet during the scandal. Sports among men is all about who's got the best game and the biggest dick. Tiger won on the links and off, apparently.

They knew. They also know without Tiger, they don't make any money, and that is the only real game being played. It didn't help matters that all those women would talk about was how long and how good Tiger hung in, in the sack or on the floor, or in the kitchen or in the front seat of his car in the parking lot.

That just pissed off the masters of the universe even more.

When it comes to big dick heaven most of the guys in the PGA fall woefully short. Their game wasn't even considered a sport until Tiger stepped in and elevated it to NBA levels.

Think about it...how many centuries has golf been played and when did it become a real sport? Is golf more fun in color, with players of brown, black or yellow...or it is more fun in white on white as it was conceived and still dreamed of by the masters of the universe...

Tiger's return, just like his entire life, is all about money, period. So they are very glad he's back. They do need him. But watching him be humbled was the real name of the game this weekend. Tiger had to be made to pay for his surly behavior toward his masters.

Tiger could not apologize enough...this weekend.....could not smile enough or wave enough at the crowds...could not please, the masters of Augusta or the wannabes who write about golf or talk from the announce booth, pontificating over every missed drive or errant putt.

The Billy Paynes of the golfing world were intent on whipping the uppity little black boy, chastising him for his visible disdain for the hallowed halls of Augusta National, with its tradition and foundation forged in the cesspool of racism and misogyny.

Tiger tried....he did penance...he controlled himself to a point....and he lost...playing the game their way...to bolster their egos and to make them feel better and back in control. However, even lowering himself to their level...he played better than 90% of the also rans...the only drama on Sunday was whether or not Mickleson, the designated American great white hope was going to choke, again.

Next time, Tiger surfaces, I hope he plays his game....the cussing arrogant, aloof mufuca who cannot be bowed...he showed glimpses of the old Tiger this weekend.

Honestly...I want that one back on the links. I don't want him channeling his Dad. I want him to channel Jack Johnson. Jack fought every fight in life and the ring, his way.

Tiger should do the same.


Virginia Gov's Effort to Bring Back Jim Crow

Proclamation for Confederate History Month is a smoke screen to cover more insidious acts of disenfranchisement of Virginia's Black citizens.

What is he doing, you ask? Well in addition to pining for a return to the good ole days of darkie servitude, the Virginia governor has decided to make it tougher for former felons to get back their right to vote.

He is requiring all nonviolent former felons to write an essay addressed to him asking his permission to allow them to vote again, now that they're out of jail, and have legally paid their debt to society.

In most states-48 of them, in fact, it's pretty automatic. Complete your term and you can vote again. Not so in Kentucky and Virginia, however.

Rather than help people who have trouble rejoining society because they seemingly screwed up in the first place, McDonnell has decided to add another roadblock.

In this essay, the former felon has to ask permission to vote again. He or she has to tell why they got arrested, what church they attend now that they're out as well as what community activities they are currently involved in, what types of job they're seeking, and how they are furthering their education. The closing paragraph must state why they feel they should get their rights restored.

Now, if they do this, there is still no guarantee that they will get their rights back. McDonnell, and I'm so sure he is going to read every single essay himself, can still give them an “F” and file their essay in the circular file alongside his desk.

This bullshit, and there is simply no other way to describe it, is a blatant attempt to suppress the rights of poorer citizens and to limit the number of people who may turn out and vote McDonnell's ass out of office.

In fact, the GOP is on record as supporting the change precisely because they feel that former felons tend to vote Democrat when let out of jail. Why is that? Could it be the overwhelming majority of Blacks locked up on bogus drug charges or some other trumped up profiled charge and conviction?

Ya think?

It's a return to the days of Jim Crow and pre-1965 Voting Rights Act, when local governments used every way possible to keep people from exercising their rights at the poll.

Under the Virginia Constitution, a convicted felon loses his or her right to vote, the right to own a gun as well as the right to serve on a jury. About 300,000 Virginians are affected. That's a helluva lot of voters who might not vote republican if given the chance.

So what's next...poll tax...literacy tests-which this is...violence...already doing that....lynching-never been outlawed in America, although 11 federal bills were attempted unsuccessfully....voter fraud...doing that too-think 2000 presidential election or losing ballots ala Ken Blackwell in Ohio..

The Gov's office says it's an opportunity for the poor disenfranchised individuals to tell their stories, not an obstacle for them to hurtle.

Really? I mean, REALLY?

Since McDonnell revamped the system, nobody....ya hear me....nobody has been given back their rights to vote....nobody....applications have been received and applications have been processed...but nooooobody has gotten back their right to vote...yet...

The Virginia Attorney General says she may need more money and more workers to read the essays in order to speed up the process...and every body knows there is no extra money in these days of economic trouble at all levels of government.

The AG says the essays will be judged on whether or not the former felons have fulfilled their obligations and are now contributing to society.

And that bugs me...that society contributing thing...don't recall seeing that in the United States Constitution, anywhere....gonna have to read it again.

Bear in mind, I'm talking about nonviolent offenders. A person convicted of a violent crime, must wait five years before applying in the first place...These people have to submit references with a letter and essay to the Governor, as well as certified copies of all their paperwork to the courts.

This system was put in place before McDonnell took office six months ago.

But back to the essay, the AG says the former felon can have his or her attorney or someone else write the essay for them.


Jim Crow 21st century style...


Friday Rap

The Prez and the Tour Guide

While President Obama spent his Thursday signing an anti nuke treaty with Russia, designed to make the future safer for the world, Sacajawea-lite, the former governor of Alaska spent that same day tearing into the diplomatic break through with her standard attack lines, while her new female friend, Michele Bachmann, played Thelma to her Louise (has anybody told the ladies that a T&L reference is a another way of calling them Dykes?) I digress...

What is different today is that since the passage of health care, Obama has become President of the comeback. In other words, he's started playing that old ghetto game called “the dozens.”

So when Lady Sarah got her dig in...so did President O...He told Gentleman George from ABC News, when asked about Palin's harpy esque criticism..

"I really have no response. Because last I checked, Sarah Palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues,".... "If the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff are comfortable with it, I'm probably going to take my advice from them and not from Sarah Palin."

aaaahhhh! Busted!

Now, O, I know your mother told you, just like mine told me...don't make fun of the dumb kids because not everyone is as academically gifted as you are. Now behave! Hehehehehe!


Tiger's Back

Finished at 4 under, which puts him 2 off the lead. He's rusty on his putting, otherwise he would be at least 2 up, probably 3 considering the eagles he missed. He did make 2 eagles on the day.

I don't care about his personal life. But I do love watching him play golf.


Threatening Pelosi

Nancy's latest nut case, jailed for threatening bodily harm for her votes on healthcare, cried in court when arraigned on the charges. He apparently left dozens of obscene and violent threats on her answering machine.

Well, his mother says in defending him, FOX News made him do it. She says he spends his days listening to extremist commentators. Care to guess who?

They made her baby do it.

Maybe in the interest of everyone's mental health and safety the government should unplug FOX. Now that would be real health care reform.


SRLC Meets

Whoa! JC Watts has surfaced. Watts, in case you forgot was the illusion of inclusion paraded around by Republicans as their example of liking Black people, before they leashed up Michael Steele. Watts addressed the Southern Republican Leadership Conference going on in New Orleans this week.

Liz Cheney was there, too and told the gathering, "Nothing makes people more convinced of the rightness of conservative causes seeing the alternative in action.”

According to the Times Picayune, Cheney, Watts, and Newt Gingrich among others, spent time talking about NOLA food, NOLA football, and NOLA culture. They talked everything except about the 900 pound gorilla on guard at the door who answers to the name of Katrina.

Statistics show that only 75% of the population has returned to the once vibrant city after the storm.

Most of those who haven't come back are minorities, according to the stats and the stories in the newspaper. Furthermore, Amnesty International has slammed America and the GOP occupied White House at the time of the hurricane with human rights violations.

Amnesty cited failings in housing, healthcare and police action in the wake of the storm and beyond for directly causing the deaths of 1800 people as well as minority inability to rebuild their lives.

The organization singled out Louisiana and Mississippi Republicans specifically, for scorn.

Yet the original wind up Black Republican Ken doll said, "History’s going to be kind to George W. Bush, “ implying that the more America deals with the Obama Administration, the more the country will want to have the GOP back in power.

You know, maybe we don't need to legalize marijuana. Maybe we just need to legalize, package , sell and tax whatever it is the GOP is toking.


Mammogram, You don't need no Stinking Mammograms

That's what a clinic told a man who walked in and asked for the procedure.

Guy's family on both sides, including his father, had breast cancer, and he had the symptoms when he asked for treatment.


Executive Order 13528

Establishes a Council of Governors chosen by the President to approve Pentagon mandated contingency plans to take over control of the National Guard in the event of an emergency.In other words, bringing martial law and military take over of America, one step closer to reality.

Executive Order signed by Bush.....No....signed by Obama...

I have a real problem with this...

Thanks to laws passed by Bush in 2006, the troops are here, they're legal, and they've been signed off on by Obama. Don't believe me...look up the law....starting with this EO signed in January 2010, the Military Commission Act of 2006 and the Warner Defense Act, of around the same time, 2006.

Until Bush signed off on these laws, it was illegal to station American troops on American soil for action against American citizens. This changed in 2008. The first batallion is already in residence under the command of NORTHCOM.

Under Obama's EO, the National Guard also falls under NORTHCOM's command if he, meaning Obama or some other president, deems necessary to control the population.


My Favorite Conspiracy Theory

Ask anyone who grew up, when I grew up, who killed Martin Luther King and many, if not most, will tell you the government killed him.

It was a hit because of his views on Vietnam. MLK's murder had nothing to do with civil rights for Black people. Martin was safe until he started to question foreign policy.

Interesting commentary here, with some juicy links to follow.


Ronald Barack Obama Reagan

The nay saying is in full voice this morning, lambasting President Obama for signing an anti nuke treaty with the Soviet Union. Solo singers led by drag queen extraordinaire Rudy Guiliani, with back up provided by welfare queen Michele Bachmann and the Sacajawea wannabe Sarah Palin, are screaming bloody murder today that Obama is soft and is making America less safe.

First off, Obama didn't really do anything except change the wording on an old treaty. If anything at all, he made the wording less bellicose, which may one day, down the road lead to real changes in attitude and arsenal strength. But right now, it's basically window dressing in preparation for the future.

Second, Congress must ratify any treaties for them to take affect. Care to wager a guess as to whether or not Obama can get 67 Senators to go along with the plan, especially since he needs the party of No to reach that number?

Third, the problem with invoking dead presidents like Ronald Reagan as an argument to bolster your fake argument is that his words can come back to haunt you.

Ronald Reagan talked openly about ridding the world of nukes. He was not a hawk when it came to nuclear bombs and massive arsenals of destruction. He talked about it. He wrote about it and he even worked toward it on many levels. Ronald Reagan hated nukes, and it is very safe to say, that he would disagree with the ladies Palin, Bachmann and Guiliani. He continued to perform as the leader of the strongest country in the world, however he never equivocated about his desire to ban nukes.

[F]or the eight years I was president," he wrote in his memoirs, "I never let my dream of a nuclear-free world fade from my mind."-Ronald Reagan.

In 1983 there was a made for TV movie called THE DAY AFTER. Reagan watched it along with the rest of America. It was an amazing movie, the pictures of which still exist in the minds of those who saw it. In his diary Reagan wrote that the movie left him “greatly depressed, “ and changed his mind on prevailing nuclear policy. Like Obama, Reagan was surrounded by war hawks and bomb them to hell wing nuts like Grover Norquist, Newt Gingrich and Jack Abramoff, to name a few. The movie was even shown on Russian television and later Reagan said it affected the Russians in a similar fashion. Even Henry Kissinger lined up against nukes, back in the day.

Considering the number of bombs and weapons that Russia and America already have stockpiled, this little treaty isn't even going to dent the pile, which makes the right's protestations against it, utterly senseless.

For those not old enough to remember, here is just five minutes of THE DAY AFTER. You can find the rest of the movie on Youtube, or better yet rent it and watch.


Black Church, Black Leaders Not the Answer

Talk....talk....talk....do nothing.....get paid

A study released today by Cornell University cites statistics showing that 90% of all Black children will be fed by food stamps in this country. Food stamps is the number one signifier of poverty in America, as well as the prevalence of single parent homes.

The number of all children in America who subsist on food stamps is 49.2%. In other words, half of all American children experience poverty in their lifetimes, usually for their lifetimes.

In a decade where unemployment hovers around 10% for all people, for Blacks it is nearing 30%, with no sign of change for the better.

My hometown recently weathered a stretch of 8 killings and several woundings over a 10 day period. 6 people were shot during a drive-by in DC, occurring in the same neighborhood where the first family chose to take part in Easter worship, witnessed by a massive display of fire and manpower by the secret service who literally surrounded the church while the Obamas were there.

In New York, Easter Sunday night, several people were shot, 54 people arrested, after groups of young people apparently decided to go on rampage. Those shot were said to be innocent bystanders caught in the chaos.

The change happening in the Black community is not change for the good. Honestly, the community seems to have fallen off the cliff upon which it has been dangling for the past 40 years or so. And the calls by the so called Black leaders demanding the President do something to stop the slide are not new either. The only thing new is that this time the man being haranged is a Black man.

The problems are in fact, like a toothache. Back in the 1960s the pain was a minor pain. In the 1970s the crown cracked and cavity formed. In the 1980s and 1990s the pain has turned into an abcess and a root canal is needed. The economic situation that has devastated this country has virtually destroyed the Black community and the middle class. The problems are well past the point of talk.

Yet, Obama has bowed to pressure and has decided to hold another meeting to talk about the problems in the Black community. I guess they will also get around to the so called "Black Agenda," whatever that is.

Talking to so called Black leaders who are invested in being leaders of what has been a visibly dying community for the past four decades, is like talking to Hamid Karzai who is threatening to join the Taliban as a way of saving Afghanistan.

It's not about the community. It's about the personal payoff they get by being identified as a leader. It's about being invited to the White House for a sit down with President O to discuss the community and to maybe shoot some hoops on the converted tennis/basketball court.

The same holds true for the so called leaders of the Black Church, who are vested in the fake prosperity gospels in direct contrast to the teachings of Jesus as written in the Bible they so zealously claim to follow.

At least Karzai is honest about his corruption. He makes no secret that it's about the money for him and his, not the country or the people.

Obama would do well to go to the various ghettoes and hang out like he used to do when he was an organizer. Talk directly to the people. Find out what is lacking and from there, figure out how to fix it.

He is on the right track by reaching out to young people and to change the education system back to meaningful education.

But continuing to listen to the clueless Black church which has had its head in the sand for years ignoring the violence, ignoring the explosion of babies born to single women, ignoring the problem of young men dropping out of school unable to find work, ignoring AIDS and its toll on people, or ignoring the devastation wreaked by Black on Black homophobia when their choirs are led by not so closeted gay Black men, is a mistake.

And Black leaders in Brooks brothers suits are no different than the GOP and its virulent conservatism, heavily vested in keeping the status quo. They don't really want change, they just want to keep on, keepin' on.

It is time to move past them and to look at what is going on in the neighborhoods of America. Obama doesn't need anyone to filter it for him. He's been there, it's where he comes from. He needs to reconnect and work past the middlemen and women who have long stood in the way of real progress in the community.

Have your meetings if you must, Mr. President, but do it in the streets with the people, not the leaders with their hands out as usual.


Got Change for a Reagan?

Somehow “got change for a Reagan” just doesn't flow. It doesn't feel right coming off the tongue. No rhyme, no rhythm, no lyricism. Not like “all about the Benjamins.” Say that and everybody knows you're talking about a $100 bill. Ask for change for a Reagan and you get that WTF you talkin' about look coming back.

Staunch conservatives in the Republican party have all but canonized Ronald Reagan since he left office. The furor has increased dramatically since he died. They've named highways after him. They've changed the names of airports to remember him. We've got all kinds of Ronald Reagan parks, recreational facilities and government buildings.

These conservatives say Reagan was one of the greatest presidents ever. Well, not exactly. I will give him a good grade as head cheerleader, during a time when America needed a cheerleader. However, his policies are directly responsible for what is plaguing the country now. Great presidents make change for the better, not bring change that almost destroys the nation, initiating the debt that is going to kill us as a country.

Reagan did not end the Cold War, nor did he bring about the downfall of Communism in the old USSR. Those events happened while he was president, but he didn't have anything to do with it. He tried to mount an economic blockade of Russia and succeeded in launching the biggest arms race in history.

One night during the State of the Union Speech, he dreamed up the Star Wars Defense System. It didn't exist and right after the speech, the generals were laughing about it. I was there, a working reporter. However, by the next day, they were on board with what Reagan had said. They've been trying to create it ever since. The most expensive weapons system ever, totally and completely useless.

Reagan said a lot of nasty things about social services and programs. He cut some of them. He cut some taxes. However, during his tenure social spending actually increased and taxes only decreased by about a percent or so. In other words, government grew under the man from California. He promised to balance the budget and to eliminate the deficit. He campaigned on that in 1980. But four years later the deficit doubled under his watch and wasn't eliminated until Clinton took care of it.

He busted the Unions, fired the air traffic controllers, and got the deregulation ball rolling to the point that it has rolled over us today, nearly flattening America. Reagan also left us with this other war, the war on drugs, and we all know how well that one is going these days.

And then there is that little thing called Iran/Contra. I'm not going to rehash it. You can read about it here. But honestly, for his part in Iran/Contra, Reagan should have been removed from office and jailed right along with Ollie North, and John McCain's buddy, the general in Arizona whose name escapes me at this moment. Reagan flat out lied about the crimes as well as what he knew and when he knew it. His crimes were infinitely more serious than a blow job in the oval office. Yet he skated without a scratch.

They don't call him the Teflon President for nothing.

Honestly, I don't give a damn who's on my money as long as it still spends and buys me what I want. However, Reagan is not a role model nor was he principled in performing his duties as President. The guy who is now on the $50, Ulysses S. Grant gets short shrift by historians. But he wasn't as bad or as ineffective as they would have you believe.

Grant, beside winning the Civil War, also fought for Black people on a number of fronts. That's the main reason why white America never took him seriously. Don't get very far in America by standing up for Black folks. I like him right up there next to Lincoln. In fact, I am in favor of keeping him right where he is on the money.

Besides, if you want to change the face on money, then maybe old Ben Franklin should be retired, because he was a straight up sex perv. There were even dead bodies, ten of them, found in his house in England. He never spent a day in jail either. Good ole Ben, maybe historians should tell the real story about him, too.